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Photography Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for professional, enthusiast and amateur photographers. The Nikon D60 uses a CMOS sensor, not a CCD, so it has nothing to do with the read behaviour of CCD devices.
What you are seeing is called banding, and all cameras using a Bayer or similar matrix will do it to some extent in poorly-exposed areas. I know that Topaz DeNoise (an 8BF-type Photoshop-compatible plugin) has a facility specifically for dealing with banding noise using manually-settable parameters; I would assume that at least some of the other popular noise reduction tools would either offer something similar (but may automate the banding detection). Most of the time, though, it's better to accept and work within the limitations of the medium. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged sensor noise noise-reduction or ask your own question. Is Poisson Noise (“Shot Noise”) a significant source of noise for typical photography? Why does Uncle Bob suggest that coding standards shouldn't be written down if you can avoid it?
In the lower part of the image, the signal-to-noise ratio is too low to contain actual details, but when I remove all the noise from this area, it does not look natural (from my point of view). While there may be truth to the principle that noise adds the illusion of detail, in this example I think you are misinterpreting what you are looking at.
This is mostly because no noise-reduction algorithm can perfectly remove all noise and retain all detail.
Different algorithms vary in the final result, but nothing that removes a substantial amount of noise will give you something looking just as "natural" as the original had it not had noise.
A more appropriate experiment might be to start with an accurate, low-noise photograph and add noise to it. As to the original claim, noise can at least mask some noticeable artifacts, and masking noticeable artifacts can give the illusion that you started off with a more faithfully accurate image in the first place.
In addition to what other participants have said: the algorithm which you used is influencing coarse detail, it is not removing just the fine noise.
If you switch between them quickly you will see substantial difference - which is even stronger if images are not blurred. The answer is: it is not illusion, the shades of "original" image do certainly contain more contrast. Note 1: there is visible sharpness increase in highlights in "denoised" compared to "original".

Note 2: some denoising tools have separate settings for coarse noise (NoiseNinja being an example). Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged noise noise-reduction or ask your own question. When one thinks of Unwanted Sounds or Noise Pollution, it always brings to mind images of transportation vehicles, industrial machinery, construction sites, loud speaker, big events, etc. These are the common causes and very prominent distractions in our precious space or environment. With about 80 per cent stake in publicly listed Forte Oil, the handsome philanthropist is rolling in dough. It's not usually noticeable unless you are using very high ISOs or are trying to recover a severely underexposed image. As interesting as an image may be, there may be no good way to get it cleanly with your camera (because, say, there's no way to use a slow enough shutter speed to gather adequate light, or subject movement makes HDR impossible), so if there's no deep personal or historical significance to the scene, and it can't stand being simplified and abstracted in processing, it may be better just to pass it by. When looking at an image we don't always scan the entire image and reconstruct it in our brains, if we've seen a similar image before we'll just use the old stored version in our brain and just modify it where necessary. The question is about human perception of noisy images, not about the source of that noise. I prefer file sharing sites in these cases because some sites may recompress images in undesired manner. These are very common or usual reasons of noise pollution in our internal and external surroundings. Industrial Machinery – there are so many various examples of industrial machinery that creates severe disturbing and hazardous sounds to the industrial workers. Construction Sites – we all know that every construction area uses huge equipments as part of their job like pay loader, crane, cement mixer, bulldozer, etc.
Big Events – we all love celebrating big events such as birthdays, anniversaries, house parties, festivals.
But there are still many ways to avoid and to decrease the sounds of these unlikable and harmful sounds in your local area. Billionaire mogul behind Forte Oil, Femi Otedola swayed into the Golden Club ( On Tuesday, November 4, 2014) without the hue and cry and extravagance that heralds such a landmark celebration, it was  gathered. If you remove it, then it gives the illusion of the image having become less sharp, as the gray values are not changing as fast on the smallest scale anymore.
The brain tries to interpret what it sees in terms of what it has seen before, in this case it recognizes the new image as an unsharp version of the previous image.

This article will give you further information about the causes of disgusting noise in our environment. The multiple kinds of industrial machinery are huge generators, large compressors, cranes, furnaces, exhaust fans and many more. These construction items are expected to perform vibrations and loud noise that can affect illnesses to all construction workers. The sounds from the loud speakers can immediately spread in our atmosphere and undoubtedly becomes one of the causes of noise pollution. But, do you realize how much noise you and your special visitors can create unpleasant and very disturbing sounds in your external surroundings or neighborhood? With a strong understanding about the main cause of noise pollution in your area, you will surely find the perfect solution of this kind of dilemma. From Odoragunshin  near Epe (Lagos), the father of three daughters (Christy, Ifeoluwa and Temi) and a son (Femi) is married to Nana (who owns Garment Care) and both have homes in Knightsbridge, London (United Kingdom), Ikoyi (Lagos) and Abuja (both in Nigeria). This means that people who only see the image with the noise suppressed won't notice the apparent unsharpness. Because the exposing light plays on the sensor for a brief time and because the projected image from the lens is feeble, amplification is needed to strengthen the charge. Because in every kind of vehicle it creates disturbing sounds by starting the engines, blowing of horns, playing music from car amplifier, etc. While you and your friends are enjoying your special occasion, your angry neighborhoods are having difficulties in their sleeping hours. There are whispers of superlative pads in Monaco (France) and in the United States of America.The stylish man of means who only adorns white brocade (buba and sokoto) to the office and official events is in Abuja (Federal Capital Territory) where there’s apparently no loud event in his honour.
Applying aggressive noise reduction can remove real details, but even if you remove the noise using image stacking which actually enhances the real details while removing noise, you will get an image that superficially looks less sharp. As a result the city has now become exposed from these types of unavoidable and uncontrollable noise. But because in this case unsharpness can also be due to misalignment, I'll usually study the image closely to see if there are signs of real problems (sharp edges or pointlike objects will then be more smeared out, or you see ghosting effects there).

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