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Objective: To examine differences in power spectra and intra-hemispheric coherence between the left and right hemispheres in the presence of severe asymmetric brain damage .
Methods: Power spectra and coherence functions were computed for a patient with severe damage to sub-cortical gray matter structures on the right side but relative preservation on the left. Results: Power spectra differed modestly over the hemispheres, with greater low frequency power and less high frequency power over the more damaged right hemisphere. Conclusions: Damage to subcortical structures of one hemisphere may result in a marked reduction coherence in the ipsilateral EEG with only a modest change in the power spectrum.

Horizontal T1 weighted MRI images demonstrate marked asymmetry of damage to subcortical structures.
The colorized diagnostic films identifies the anatomy: disc, vertebra, spinal cord, thecal sac. We speculate that the physiologic basis of this selective change is damage to structures mediating communication between cortical areas.
Note loss of right thalamus and basal ganglia structures, and left posterior thalamic injury.

L4-5 herniated nucleus pulposus, L5-S1 disc space narrowing, anterior and posterior osteophytes, disc dessication (L3-S1) and narrowing (L1-L4, L5-S1).

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