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During this course, clinicians will learn advanced Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment concepts relating to recognizing patient candidacy attributes that require modifications to the standard treatment approach as well as customizing Neuromonics tinnitus treatment for each patient’s unique needs as they progress through treatment.
This course will take the mystery out of treating tinnitus patients, with a focus on how Neuromonics can not only be an effective form of sound therapy, but one that can be a practical solution appropriate for any clinical setting. This course will help audiologists to better understand their role in providing effective treatment for tinnitus patients. What can the Neuromonics devices offer patients in need of treatment or management of disturbing tinnitus? In addition, issues that can possibly impede progress with treatment will be discussed along with the suggested tools, strategies, and tactics available to clinicians to facilitate successful treatment outcomes.
Tinnitus assessment tools will be described, as well as how to implement Neuromonics products for a wide range of patients. The importance of providing patients with evidence based treatment options will be outlined.

The unique aspects of the Neuromonics stimulus and mechanisms by which it provides a clinically effective sound therapy are discussed. Reimbursement for tinnitus services will also be discussed, making tinnitus treatment a practical reality for most clinicians.
Patient counseling concepts will be discussed in detail, as well as diagnostic evaluation principles and treatment recommendations.
Also reviewed will be the characteristics of the Neuromonics Oasis and Sanctuary devices along with a description of the appropriate tinnitus patient populations for each device.

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