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One of the questions we’re asked all the time when it comes to car window tinting in Kelowna is “How dark can I get away with?”  FilmStar Auto has been installing professional auto tints of all shades for many years, so we can recommend the right shade for you.  We have window tinting samples in our shop to make your selection easy. Automotive Films are available in four main shades or approximate light transmissions: 50%, 35%, 20% and 5%. Manitoba - For driver’s compartment, right and left, the minimum visible light transmittance, net, is 50%. Ontario - For the driver’s compartment, right and left, no film can be installed that would substantially obscure visibility from the exterior. Quebec - For the driver’s compartment, right and left, the minimum Visible Light Transmittance is 70% on automotive net basis. Al' liner diy side window tint kit als24x6b - xtreme diesel, The al's liner side window kit is the right choice for 2 side windows on a vehicle.

Sherry ram 9 passenger high-top van sherry vans, Sherry ram 9 passenger high-top van fits the whole family! The reapers ram - dd sail dd - youtube, Truck is only 3 months old and here is a run down on what i've already completed, and whats still left for me to accomplish completed mods:.
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Any film may be installed behind the driver’s compartment, provided the vehicle is outfitted with 2 exterior rear view mirrors. 5% or “limo” tint is the darkest shade allowing only 5% of the light to pass into the vehicle. Any film may be applied to the rear window, provided the vehicle has 2 exterior rear view mirrors.

For windows behind the driver’s compartment, the minimum Visible Light Transmittance, net, is 35%. Where film is installed behind the driver’s compartment, 2 external rear view mirrors are required.

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