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Personal listening systems are devices that help those with hearing, speech, voice, and language disabilities communicate and participate more fully in their daily lives.
Rehabmart is pleased to carry a wide variety of high quality assistive listening devices from superior quality vendors such as Posey, Enabling Devices, LSS, Harris Communications, MaxiAids and Hearmore. The Posey Hearing Enhancer can be used to improve the user's hearing in a wide variety of different situations, including listening to music, watching TV, or participation in social activities. The Switch Activated CD Walkman is a portable CD player that can be activated and operated using a capability switch. The Nady Personal FM System is a personal listening system that is easy to use and provides high-quality high-fidelity natural sound. The Pocketalker Ultra Personal Sound Amplifier amplifies sounds close to the listener while reducing background noise, making this listening system ideal for use in noisy situations, TV listening, one-on-one communication, small groups or listening in a car.
The Serene Innovations TV-Direct 95 Amplification System is comfortable, and provides CD-quality stereo sound. Comfort Audio's Comfort Contegoa„? FM HD Listening System is a wireless, digital, secure high-definition FM HD sound communication system for hearing aid users with a t-coil. With the TV Listener® J3 Infrared Listening System, one person can enjoy the television while the other sleeps, reads or studies. The Listen LR400 Personal Receiver's unique Look and Listen display allows the user to easily verify channel selection, locked or unlocked status, battery level, and RF signal strength using the LR400's LCD screen. The Sennheiser Set 840 RF TV Listening System is an RF stereo TV personal listening system ideally suited for wireless listening in your home or yard. The Sennheiser Set 900 Infrared Cordless Listening System guarantees you excellent sound for your TV or hi-fi system at home, in theater or concert halls, or while speaking with other people. The Listen Personal FM Listening System is a good single-user solution for classrooms, worship services or special events where you need added listening capability for an individual.
The Domino Pro Personal Listening System has been constructed to lessen undesired background noise, while enhancing the clarity of speech. The Maxi Digital Personal Amplifier Listening System, from Bellman and Symfon in Sweden, is a revolutionary communication aid that uses digital state-of-the-art technology to bring out speech and music in difficult listening situations. The Microloop III Loop System is a loop telecoil system ideal for classrooms and meeting rooms (with optional mic) for up to 30 people. The Plextalk Pocket Player is a pocket-sized personal listening system that can be used to play DAISY-formatted talking books, music and other audio files in MP3, .wav, or AMR-WB format, or content from the National Library Service.
This Personal PPA-375 Wide-Band FM Listening System can operate at a distance of up to 1000 feet, and can be set to whichever of three modes (Voice, Music, or Hearing Assistance) is most appropriate for the situation, making complex audio installations much simpler.
The Listen Tour Guide System can help tour groups communicate, or assist in language interpretation in small facilities, like meetings, houses of worship, or other venues. The ClearSounds ClearBluea„? Bluetooth® Audio Amplification System provides a stylish, wireless solution for enjoying TV and music at the volume level you enjoy without disturbing everyone else in your home!
The ClearSounds Professional Office Neckloop Systema„? brings new levels of communication capabilities on the telephone for people with hearing loss. The Wireless Infrared Headset System can be used with all TV types (including flatscreen and plasma TVs) and audio systems to offer clear, well-defined amplified sound for the user, up to 110 dB SPL. This Portable Clipboard Induction Loop is an easy-to-operate, self-contained, fully portable audio frequency induction loop system. The Domino Classic Personal Listening System is a revolutionary personal hearing system from Bellman & Symfon® that uses digital state-of-the-art sound processing and wireless wideband technology to bring out speech in difficult listening situations.
The Comtek Digital Auditory FM Trainer helps those who use hearing aids, cochlear implants, and earphones overcome the challenges faced by high levels of background noise, long distances between the speaker, and any other factors that hinder the ability to hear.
The Listen LS Installed IR Listening System provides great signal coverage at up to 20,000 square feet. For people without hearing aids who wish to use a loop system, the Audiolink Receiver is an option for using with a headset (not included). The Serene TV-Direct Listener Private TV Amplifier can be used to listen to MP3 players, televisions, airline movies, or other audio sources in high-definition without others hearing a sound. The Mino Digital Personal Listening System by Bellman & Symfon is a new age way for one-on-one conversational listening, no matter the situation.
A Digi-Wave Digital Listening System Receiver meant for use as an accessory for Williams Sound® Digi-WAVEa„? Digital Listening System. The Head-worn Unidirectional Microphone by Comtek is a high-quality electret microphone recommended for use with hard hats or in phone centers. The iHip Sound System is a platform for a smartphone or iTouch®, which can be worn around the hip and amplifies sound from the phone.
The Sennheiser IS 410 Infrared Stereo TV Listening System can be used with a TV or a stereo, allowing the system user to adjust the volume as needed without inconveniencing other listeners. This self-contained LoopHear Portable Amplified Listening System is ideal for one-on-one applications, such as in reception areas, service counters, vehicles or small meetings.
These Listen LR500 Personal Listening System Receivers are meant to work with the Listen Personal FM Listening Systems, and require a receiver from the set to function. The Sennheiser Personal Listening System Headset is a personal sound amplifier designed for people who may need assistance with their hearing. The Array AG300 3-Channel FM Listening System is a personal listening system that transmits sound by radio waves from the transmitter and microphone to the receiver.
The Sennheiser Set 830 Infrared TV Listening System enables the user to listen to the TV from anywhere in the room without wires, and without disturbing others. Directional stereo microphones in the Bilsom® Impacta„? Electronic Hearing Protection earmuff amplifies and enhances sound for more natural hearing while limiting it to a safe level, also allowing you to detect the direction of incoming sounds.
The Univox Personal Listening System Kit is a wireless loop system that transforms your hearing aids with t-coils, cochlear implants or earpiece into personal loudspeakers. The RCA Symphonixa„? Personal Listening System is a personal sound amplifier designed to help you hear better in all kinds of situations: large groups, crowded streets, office environments, TV watching, or restaurants. Connect the Conversor® TV Pro Personal Listening System's transmitter into a TV's audio output and it will transmit clear and intelligible sound to the receiver worn around your neck.
The InfoLoop Portable Induction Loop Listening System is a self-contained personal listening system that works with t-coil hearing aids, cochlear implants, and induction loop receivers. The Milestone 212 Audio Book Reader is a compact, discreet personal listening system usable for reading audiobooks. The Listen 3-Channel Value Package is an affordable, easily-installed way to comply with ADA requirements. The revolutionary Digi-WAVEa„? Digi-Wave Digital Listening System Kit from Williams Sound allows for simultaneous one-way communication, where one person speaks and one or more people listen, or for two-way communication between speakers. The Personal PA® Listening System Value Pack broadcasts a speaker's voice, music program, or audio service wirelessly up to 1,000 feet to a listening audience. The Satellite III Large Area Induction Loop Listening System, designed for seating areas larger than 300 feet, is a cost effective hearing system that accommodates larger venues such as libraries, theaters, churches, and schools.
Companies spend millions of dollars developing the soundtracks and sound effects for your favorite programs and movies.
These two types of assistive listening devices, as they are called, allow the listener to indulge in the full range of sound from their program at their own volume level.
While both headphones and earbuds feature a charging stations which also provide the connection to source, the type of wireless connection varies depending upon the device. Device Design – The initial choice between the headphones and earbuds is really a matter preference for the user.
Compatibility – Most of the docking systems include at least one port for the selected media. Another quality product from Sennheiser in a slightly lighter design and cheaper price at less than $150. Every one of our staff is trained on the following accessories and can help you with usage questions.
Horizon is proud to be the exclusive Central New Jersey dealer for Sonic Alert products, known for quality and reliability.

This is the way to listen to TV or stereo at your own volume without disturbing anyone else. Set 840 S is a RF stereo TV listening system, especially suited for our Horizon Audiology hearing aid wearers.
Top-of-the-line: Caller ID, volume control, up to 50dB (decibel) additional amplification on receiver, speaker mode, large numbers, 11 one-touch memory dial buttons, telecoil compatible, black or white, 1 year guarantee.
Solid performer: Volume control up to 35dB (decibel) additional amplification on receiver, 9 one-touch memory dial buttons, telecoil compatible, black or white, 1 year guarantee. Cordless phone: Caller ID, volume control up to 40dB (decibel) additional amplification on receiver, speaker mode, large numbers, black only, 1 year guarantee.
Clock comes with Super Shaker™ bed vibrating unit, 113 dB (decibel) extra-loud alarm (with adjustable tone & volume control), snooze time up to 30 minutes, battery back up of time and alarm setting for up to one week, new green power technology that uses 60% less energy, 1 year warranty. The Posey Hearing Enhancer has a high-sensitivity microphone, an adjustable volume dial, and soft earbuds, and can be carried just about anywhere in a pocket or purse. Each system comes with a receiver not much bigger than a cassette, and a transmitter that can be set to one of five different frequencies. The Super Slim Personal CD Player with Digital LCD Display has a sleek look and extra narrow design (well under an inch thick) that makes it the perfect exercise companion.
Also perfect for individuals with hearing loss, this completely cordless infrared system allows one family member to listen to the TV at a higher volume level than other people who are in the same room. Whether you are watching a TV program or listening to music, the Set 840 provides excellent sound.
The personal listening system is manufactured for those that have mild to severe hearing loss or need an additional listening device throughout hard to hear listening situations. Maxi is developed especially for people who prefer an easy-to-use device with large tactile controls and clear indications. Individuals without t-coil hearing aids will need the Induction Loop Receiver HAR-OW-REC (sold separately). It can also be used as a DAISY digital recorder, to mark long presentations or lectures with DAISY headings.
With unmatched comfort, ease of use and portability, the Conversor Pro is perfect for anyone with hearing difficulty. Use it in large areas where lots of coverage is needed, including auditoriums, stadiums, or theaters. One transmitter comes with a varying number of receivers depending on the size group it is intended for; batteries are included for all. For people with t-coil equipped hearing aids or cochlear processors, the Professional Office Neckloop Listening System provides unparalleled sound management capabilities. Plug external speakers (not included) into the transmitter to listen through the speakers instead of the headset.
The induction telecoil loop is built into a clipboard, so you can take it anywhere for assisted listening.
Domino radically improves your hearing whereever you want to be, be it home, office, or anywhere else. All Listen LS Installed IR Listening System packages accommodate different numbers of listeners, but all come with a battery and charger.
The lightweight, wireless unit rests on the wearer's shoulders, while the noise isolation speakers are comfortable and gentle. Its sleek, modern design makes it discreet enough to use it at home or office, outside, parties, and anywhere else you want to be. Allows for one-way communication with or without a neckloop (you can only hear through this device). The amplifier itself is lightweight, durable, and compact, and can be used in classes, church, or other noisy environments.
The cardioid sensitivity pattern helps reduce feedback and lets the Head-worn Unidirectional Microphone amplify only what the user wants it to.
The iHip Sound System can also be placed on a tabletop or a tray, using two adjustable legs.
Set it on a tabletop or other flat surface, or mount the model with the mounting arm on a bedrail, wheelchair arm, or other surface for access anywhere. The under-the-chin headphone receiver turns on and off automatically, and has independent volume adjustments for the left and right earpieces. It is designed to help hearing people communicate with t-coil hearing aid users, cochlear implant wearers and induction receivers.
Available in either 72 MHz or 216 MHz frequencies; takes alkaline or NiMH rechargeable batteries.
The system features a lightweight stereo headset that provides up to 35dB (decibels) of amplification.
The system has three user-selectable UHF frequencies, meaning that with three Array AG300 3-Channel FM Listening System units, three different programs, speakers, or languages can be transmitted simultaneously.
Choose from models with or without a mounting arm that can be attached to a table or wheelchair. The package can be used in classrooms, houses of worship, theaters, in meetings, or for language interpretation. This personal listening system can enhance communication in classrooms, meetings, TV listening, listening in the car, and other one-to-one or small group situations. Participants using the new PPA Selecta„? single-channel receiver (included) with a headset can listen to the broadcast at the volume of their comfort level.
The personal receiver and neckloop (or headphones, if the user is not wearing a hearing aid with a T-switch) pick up the voice of the person wearing the transmitter.
They include popular artists and carefully designed sounds to create the perfect atmosphere within the program. These headphones and earbuds can help viewers who may have slightly diminished hearing or require hearing aids.
There are benefits to both systems, and, as always, the best fit depends upon the needs of the user. In more premium units, the headphones have a battery that can last for as long as 30 hours under optimum conditions. This headphone system has an incredible battery life and provides crystal clear sound quality.
All the models above have been carefully chosen, and have received exceptional reviews from users and industry experts alike. You can always talk to a Horizon staff member who will give you her name when you're ordering and using your accessory. Our audiologists have selected these accessories because we've seen how useful they are for other patients. The Switch Activated CD Walkman has a radio function that cannot be activated using the switch. The Nady Personal FM System's transmitter can operate for up to 16-20 hours on a single nine-volt battery. Achieve nearly 200 hours of typical usage; the red light on the top panel flashes when the battery is low. Just pop in your favorite CD and get the most enjoyment and results from those intense work-outs, long runs or leisurely jogs in the park. Noise isolating high-fidelity earbuds deliver crystal clear dialogue and lifelike stereo sound to your ears. The headset recharges when plugged into the transmitter and can go for 15 hours of use before being recharged again. Just the push of a button sets the device to your personal listening preferences, providing you with the enjoyment of speech that is easier to understand. The receiver and earphone allow a person to sit up to 150 feet away and still hear the speaker clearly without distracting environmental noise.

The Domino Pro Personal Listening System has a range up to eighty feet, or twenty-five meters, unobstructed. Use it for watching and listening to the television, listening to music (stereo, MP3) or small group conversations. The Plextalk Pocket Player also has a voice memo function to easily record or create quick messages. The Personal PPA-375 Wide-Band FM Listening System has no wires, eliminating the risks of tripping or tangled wires. For binaural device users, the ability to hear through both ears can provide speech discrimination by up to 80%.
The Wireless Infrared Headset System's headset is easy to adjust, and only weighs eight ounces. It runs on rechargeable batteries, making it ideal for one-on-one conversations (within five feet), small group meetings, workplaces and more. The Listen LS Installed IR Listening System can be used for a variety of purposes, including assistive listening, creating a soundfield, language interpretation, live theater, houses of worship, courtrooms, secure rooms, for auditory description, or for anything else that requires the audio signal to be isolated for security. To suit the needs of the wearer, the Hisonic Wireless PA System has independent tone and volume controls. It is also available with a mounting plate, mounting arm and clamp, and spare mounting plates are available on their own. The range of the Sennheiser IS 410 Infrared Stereo TV Listening System is up to 39.4 feet from the transmitter base.
With stereo amplification via two integrated electret microphones, the user can clearly determine the direction of the sound source within an 8' to 10' radius.
The cordless Set 830 offers outstanding sound quality, which, for example, can be customized to the listener's hearing ability thanks to treble emphasis. Not only can the TV Pro be connected to the TV, but it also works with radios, MP3 players and sound systems in churches, schools and conference rooms.
The cornerstone of the PPA Value Pack System is the T27 transmitter, featuring an LED display panel and push-button channel selection for easy operation.
Use of the AT-216 Wireless Auditory Assistance Kit reduces problems with background noise and reverberation effects, and makes communication easier and clearer across distances. All of these efforts are void if, for whatever reason, viewers are unable to hear the sounds. They also are ideal for viewers who may need to control the volume level in consideration of their friends and families. As a standard design feature, the wireless assistive listening devices all feature rechargeable batteries.
The lighter earbuds have a slighter shorter battery life, some lasting a long as 16 hours with one charge.
Amongst the wireless headphones and earbuds, many of them include an auxiliary port in addition to the wireless connection. It’s tuned greatly to render speech reception well, which tells you a lot about the innovative audio engineering of Sennheiser. They rely on an infra-red (IR) wireless signal which offers excellent quality, with a slightly lesser range. These earbuds have a terrific battery life of up to 30 hours actual listening time on a fully charged battery. It has a 90 dB (decibel) extra-loud alarm, mini Sonic Shaker™ bed vibrating unit, pop-up display and 1 year warranty.
Separate tone and volume controls ensure a listener can adjust the sound to the one they can best hear. Dynamic headphone transducers ensure natural and transparent sound reproduction with optimum speech intelligibility.
It comes with left and right tubes, and medium and large domes, everything you need to customize Symphonix. The Milestone 212 Audio Book Reader allows the user to organize files and folders on a Mac or PC, then transfer the organization back to the device. The Listen 3-Channel Value Package can interface with any audio source, including microphones, mixers, iPods, and CD players.
As a solution for those viewers that have personal volume needs, many companies are now offering wireless headphones and earbuds. For typical home use, any battery lasting more than a few hours will provide adequate power. Expect no delays in the speech transmission between the receiver and the TV, saving you from the headache of understanding delayed dialoguing among the characters on screen.
Sennheiser continues their reputation for premium sound in this device, which includes a compression function to improve the quality and clarity of the source media. The Pyle device feature Automatic Signal Control (ASC) to regulate and balance the sound waves for a smooth and comfortable experience. The Serene Innovations product features their Digital Tone control which can provide improved dialog clarity and intelligibility for users. System features an auxiliary audio input for connecting an external microphone or infrared receiver. However, as some units include a microphone and can be used with telephones or other audio sources, a longer battery life may be preferred.
To expound, the SET 840 unit operates on a radio frequency (RF) connection which can transmit sound from the source to the headphones even through walls. In addition, the device has three separate settings for “maximized speech intelligibility” to ensure that the user can clearly hear the dialogue of their featured program. In addition, the headphones have noise canceling and voice clarifying technology to ensure that the user’s enjoyment.
The lightweight earbuds extend from the neck band and amplify the sound of the source audio. Note: Ordering the LR-200 3-Channel Replacement Receiver requires a 7-10 business day lead time. There are a few devices that completely cover the ear, but most rely upon a small, plastic in-ear module. This assistive listening headphone system has balance control for each ear and a one touch button which will allow a user to set their personal preferences. These headphones allow the user to connect with their telephone, computer or other audio source. The comfortable ear buds have noise isolating features to make sure the users have a great listening experience.
Though slightly larger, they have a lightweight construction that is comfortable for the user to wear and includes flexible ear pads. As a rule, this increased sound benefits the user and does not affect the source or any other viewers. A quick guide comes with the package so you should be able to use it easily out of the box and then simply configure it accordingly. The IS410 also features a volume control on the headphones and offer balance control as well. With rechargeable battery and a range of up to 30 feet, the device is a great option at an entry level price point.
However, this TV headphone is priced around $220, an amount that many customers might interpret as a deal breaker but it’s still the headphone to beat out there, nevertheless.

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