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Last week Heather and I received our Federal tax incentive check and decided to go ahead with getting a fence for the backyard. As the process moved forward, I did some research on some home improvement web sites and found that the treated pine tended to warp, split, crack, etc.. On Monday, Heather’s dad and I got the remaining posts set and concrete poured, except for the remaining hole where we discovered the WOW cable a second time. On Tuesday afternoon, the WOW folks returned, tested their line and decided to replace the portion of the line where I found their main cable. On Wednesday, I returned the extra materials (3 posts, 8 bags gravel, 4 bags Quickrete) I purchased as well as exchanged 20+ pickets that I discovered were damaged from the original delivery. Next weekend my dad and I will be working on phase 2, which includes installing the runners and the pickets. We had someone come out and measure our yard this past weekend to see how much a new fence for the yard would cost.
We wanted a dog eared 4′ wood fence to match our neighbors which we plan to connect our fence to. Heather’s dad did a great job setting the posts, they are very level and plumb with each other.

Once the guy left, I hand digged another foot beyond the cable line to reach 30″ for the last post. There are a lot of home improvements I would like to make to our home but the fence, oddly enough, is becoming 1# on the list.
Both Heather and I are starting to feel like we’re holding him back on the leash though.
The HGTV improvement shows really put ideas in your head, one week I want to re-do the kitchen, the next week I want to redo the bathrooms. From observing our 15 year old treated pine deck, I do believe these home improvement web sites are right.
The red cedar pickets are rather fragile though, I am planning on pre-drilling the holes for the screws, but besides that the picket installation should go as quick as any other picket fence. Looking back, it may have been worth $2,500 to have someone else do it, though I will have to say that I don’t think the installers would have put this much care for quality as we are. So moving forward with the idea that materials would be about $1,200, we decided to install the fence ourselves. So I decided to go with red cedar since it has a better reputation for holding up with minimal shrinking, cracking, cracking, etc… So now the material expenses are up near $1,600.

After a quick call with them, I found that all for the materials for the project were priced competitively and they have 4″ red cedar dog ear pickets too.
Then I plumbed up the post, mixed the concrete and set the post just before the sun came down. We kept hitting rocks in the ground which made the process take a lot longer than it otherwise would have. In the process of waiting for WOW to come fix their cable, we started remarking the fence 3 feet from the back of the property line since we no longer trusted the markings. As the WOW repairmen came to fix the line, we started drilling our remaining posts on the new 3 foot back line. An hour later, we got the smaller bit in, and started drilling the holes faster, though by hole 4, we didn’t just have rocks to deal with.

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