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We are committed to providing you with the best hearing assessment and advice, in a friendly and comfortable environment. Quality Hearing is a completely independent business, with access to the largest range of hearing devices, enabling us to provide the most suitable solution for you.
Utilising the latest hearing analysis technology, we can assist you in determining your hearing needs.
Easy to find with plenty of parking we are located next door to the Mount Waverley train station. Our auditory processing tests are performed at our Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba and Gold Coast hearing clinics.
While there is no cure for APD, changes to learning styles can ease your child’s difficulties.
If you think your child has APD or is showing some symptoms of APD, call Neurosensory on 1300 965 513 to schedule an auditory processing assessment.

If your child I showing some signs of APD, managing the condition gives your child a better chance to learn and experience childhood to the fullest. OccMedi provides this respiratory testing service either in the surgery or this service is also available in the workplace.
State regulations require hearing tests to be conducted wherever noise exceeds acceptable levels. This potentially life-saving mobile tool allows OccMedi to readily assess your employees' risk of heart attack by combining health information such as blood pressure, with lifestyle choices such as smoking. We guide you through the process of establishing your hearing needs, testing your hearing and guiding you down the path to better hearing. It is most likely due to various areas in the brain’s sound processing system not developing correctly. A child with APD can usually understand directions when said in a quiet room, but will often have trouble hearing in noisier places.

Spirometry can assess an employee's capability for physical work, their respiratory vulnerability and also establish safe work environments. OccMedi performs air conduction testing that can help ascertain levels of industrial hearing loss.
They can easily see how, by adjusting some of their lifestyle choices, they can drastically reduce their risk of heart attack. Children with ear infections throughout their early years can often be at a greater risk of having APD.

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