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Advanced Order Item: Normal processing for this item is 1-4 Weeks before it ships and it will ship via your chosen ship method after the processing time is complete.
Returns and exchanges are permitted within 60 days from the purchase date for jewelry; and within 30 days from the purchase date for watches.
Be her princess charming, and ask her to be forever yours with a shimmering diamond solitaire. My fiance proposed to me in November 2011 with this ring and I have had so many compliments on the ring! My fiance originally wanted to purchase a ring that was very similar for almost double the price, but a lot of things happened while he was saving the money and he ended up having to go with a cheaper version.
Bordering the stone, a rectangular frame set with shimmering white diamonds glitters brightly.

The underside is nice and enclosed with braided gold so I don't feel like any of the stones are going anywhere.
I compared this ring to the other ring that I originally wanted and I have to say, they really don't look much different. Additional accent diamonds along the shank bring the total diamond weight to an awe-inspiring 1 ct., while intricate milgrain detailing adorns the rings edges. Like another said (it looks like she got engaged on a Carnival Cruise just like us!!) it was difficult to find a band to match, especially since I was set on having a double sided guard and wanted the Milgrain design on the wedding band as well, I did find one at Zales and cannot wait until October so I can wear the whole thing.
I love this ring, but if I had one complaint I would say that finding a band to match it has been difficult! An exceptional look especially for her, this ring is a brilliant beginning to your romantic love story.

Overall, this is the perfect, classic, timeless ring for a girl that might be a little more rough with her jewelry. The ring comes with a certificate that includes a photo and a description of the diamonds which guarantees quality and can be used for insurance purposes.

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