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Well, whether you want to design your own ring, or choose based on the 4C diamond or choose Vera Wang design, you need to look at detail several designs from this store.
This entry was posted on Thursday, November 8th, 2012 at 10:46 amand is filed under Diamond, Ring, Wedding. Simple, yet filled with breathtaking elegance, a single round diamond solitaire is the classic choice for an engagement ring she will adore.

Zales wedding rings are always great and gorgeous, but we need to take a look on how great and gorgeous the rings are. Then I found a great simple and elegant design for $6,299.99 named Celebration 102 Diamond in 18k White gold. I picked the above $5000 price categorized ring to see the high standard from this store and as I said before the Zales wedding rings never dissapoint you. One of the designer in this store is Vera Wang a well known designer who always provide a gorgeous ring for everyone. The wedding ring has a round cut diamond at the center and numerous small brilliant diamond surround the ring.
He said to me, that a wise person told him when looking for my ring, a ring is just a ring but the perfect ring will bring smiles that will last a life time. Once he saw this ring he knew it would bring me smiles and memories that will last a life time.

If you want to shop in this store, you can download the catalogue or you can browse from the diamond 4 CS, cut, carat, color, clarity, Vera wang design, or even you can design your own wedding ring.
The GIA color of the diamonds is H-I and the clarity id I1-I2 as there are so many diamonds attached there.

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