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In reality this circumstance might seem really rather odd for a lot of women, and can often cause some unnecessary stress and friction between two friends. There are a number of different paths in which you could potentially answer this question, and different women reading this will have sparked different sudden realizations. For some women, it’s suddenly dawned on them as they realize that at last years Christmas party, after one too many glasses of punch, they ended up spilling all of their friends childhood horror-stories to their then-boyfriend.
If you are in this predicament where you can accept that the way you behaved around a previous boyfriend was unacceptable, and you know you won’t make the same mistake again, really dramatize what you did with a previous boyfriend and sincerely apologize for doing so. Other women reading this may have otherwise dismissively answered the question in their heads before really contemplating it. In this case, just be patient and once they’ve built a more solid bond, and your friend is more confident in herself, then you will be allowed to meet him.
If she’s behaved in exactly the same way with all of her previous boyfriends then you might just have to accept that she likes to keep her relationships a secret.
So there you go, if you’ve been asking yourself “Why won’t she let me meet her guy!?” hopefully now you’ve got an answer.
I have a question could one of the reasons be beacuse the friend thinks you might steal her boyfriend?
Important Note: While I do believe – and have seen proof – that the advice and programs I provide can help you improve your love life , please understand that not everyone will experience the exact same results. But I can tell you that if you read the advice and continually apply it in your life, your chances of success increase dramatically. These activities earn you points and the user with maximum points becomes the Interest Master.
I hinted at it in this post, but it's finally time for me to recap my trip to North Carolina to stay with Lydia from "And This Marine Wife" and her lovely family. Anyways, I was emailing her one day about my struggles, and she suggested I take a break from reality and visit her. On Saturday morning, I was woken up by the pitter-patter of little feet and heads peeking into my room.
On Saturday, Lydia did my hair and makeup and we did a little photoshoot in downtown Jacksonville while Evan watched the kids. Evan's mother came down on Sunday afternoon to stay with Lydia and Evan until Baby Girl is born.

Monday morning, Lydia and I were up bright and early because she had an OB appointment at the Naval Hospital. Later that afternoon, Lydia and I went shopping at the commissary (on-base grocery store.) I was amazed that there is a dress code to get in to most places on base. My flight home was scheduled for Monday night at 8 pm, but I was having so much fun that I told Lydia I didn't want to leave. One of my favorite parts about being in North Carolina was sitting on the couch, talking to Lydia, Evan, and Amy (Evan's mother.) I also loved watching Lydia and Evan together. On my flight from Jacksonville to Charlotte, the guy beside me was spitting tobacco into a bottle and texting the entire flight. What’s going on?” Granted this is one of the questions that I get asked less frequently, yet it’s still not all too uncommon. Assure your friend that you’ve matured as a person and that it will never happen again, and that you’d love to meet her newest catch. Instead be really relaxed about the whole thing, and if you have a boyfriend yourself, make sure she is getting plenty of contact with him, and soon she will feel obliged to reciprocate.
Myself and the whole team always really appreciate your comments and feedback, so if you’ve ever had a friend who has been reluctant to let you meet her man, let us know about it. Although I have never done this in the past, my best friend never wants me to meet her guy or even the guy she likes. My best friend and me both had a thing for the same guy but she asked him first (she is a lot more outgoing then I am) but he said no to her and told her that he only sees her as a friend… skip forward a couple months and she still likes him but I have gone head over heels for the guy which has really put a strain on my friends relationship because she thinks I only like him because she did (which is NOT true) and that I’m only trying to take him away from her (which in NOT) which turns me into the boyish friend steeling b**ch. Her son David and I had only been dating four months, but that didn’t stop me from falling for her hard.
At first, it would seem like this single, 20-somethings girl would have nothing in common with a military wife and mommy, but the more we engaged in conversation, the more we found similarities. I took way too many selfies with Ian, Isaac, and Joshua because they were just so adorable! Her 4 year old, Ian, fell with a toy in his mouth, so Lydia's husband Evan ended up taking him to the ER.
I was so excited to go to church with Lydia and Evan and sit in on their singles' ministry class. She watched the kids for us while Lydia and I got some quality time in at the beach without the kids.

You can't wear workout attire or Old Navy sandals (aka shower shoes.) Obviously, pajamas are a no-go.
Imagine my surprise when I got a call saying my flight was cancelled due to mechanical issues and I would be on the 7 am flight Tuesday morning!!! I was glad to be heading home (I missed my cat!) but I was already missing Lydia and her family.
Every person is an individual and every situation is unique so no single piece of advice will work for everyone at every time.
I was 30, and still reeling from my parents’ recent divorce and the fact that my mom had just moved five floors above me on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.
She and her husband run a singles ministry at their church, because they both remember what it was like to be single and lonely. Lydia did a wonderful job on my hair and makeup and she made me feel so at ease in front of the camera. It was like a classy department store, but they sold military stuff, and it was also like a Target. I want a marriage like Lydia and Evan's (although she will be the first to tell you it's far from perfect.) I also loved Lydia and Evan's interactions with their kids. She's been battling post-partum depression and anxiety at the same time I've been battling my depression and anxiety. Thankfully, my worries were all for nothing because we got along so well, it was like meeting up with a long-lost friend. I felt like a kid calling shotgun, desperate to claim a seat at her table.Over the next five years, I got that seat. I spent Hanukkahs, Passovers, even Purims in Judy’s plant- and music-filled home in Amherst, Mass., my picture hanging on her fridge alongside her children and grandchildren.
To David, not so much.After thousands of dollars spent on couples therapy, David still couldn’t make up his mind about me.

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