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About a month ago, I was out drinking with some old coworkers of mine (the job is old, not the coworkers). It was such a good year, in fact, that I haven’t had time to write about it until now, February of 2011. It seems that I’d completely forgotten to account for major holidays in my work schedule. On days like this, I move to the bedroom to work, so I can use the natural light streaming in the window. I mean that our apartment was literally a stone’s throw from I-5 and an freeway off-ramp.

That led me to John Campbell’s daily comic called The Hourly Comic (he also draws Pictures for Sad Children). Either way, I feel as though I’ve re-entered the land of the living, blogging populace. What had originally seemed like a leisurely development schedule for a major website project turned into a mad dash to meet my deadline.
The rent was ridiculously expensive, the rooms were weirdly shaped and (therefore) too small, and we couldn’t really open the windows or door to the balcony. Specifically, busy, then moving, then busy while moving, then unpacking, then dead, then frustrated, then busy again.

All I know is business suddenly took off, and I spent the next 8 months frantically running after it. Looking back at my naive and in-denial self, I want to pat her on the head and say “sure you will, sweetie.
The only proof that I ever caught up to it is that I’m here, writing this post, instead of under my desk huddled over my laptop, hissing at anything that ventures too close.

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1 page essay on time management

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