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I’m very impressed by her intelligence, as well has heart for justice and dedication to it. My wife and I were discussing this today.  You can educate yourself, but what do you do, practically speaking (because we eat every day) with that education? Since we do believe that prayer has an affect, sometimes supernatural, we are going to be thanking God for His provision, but also making requests for effective change agents, wisdom, and blessing on the food, itself. We will also watch labels (which lately is getting pretty discouraging) and be open to ways we can be an encouragement with practical, usable solutions…for our selves and those with whom we have influence.
I will also keep watching my daughters posts for information and practical advise.  Besides the fact that I also opening up this article and asking for helpful comments on the issue that all of my readers can benefit from. This entry was posted in Healing & Miracles Today, Variety and tagged Genetically Modified Organism, GMO, Healthy Eating, Organic food sources on September 18, 2014 by Gary Ellis.
Lay hands on the sick and they will recover.  That verse promises improvement, not microwave instant wholeness. This entry was posted in Healing & Miracles Today and tagged Healing Contraditions, Healing Improvement, Healing Today, Health on August 29, 2011 by Gary Ellis. This entry was posted in Healing & Miracles Today, uncategorized and tagged Healing, Healing Seed, Jesus the Healing and Healer, Watering Healing Seeds on August 19, 2011 by Gary Ellis. Since then, the surgery was very successful, but her shoulder has been pretty messed up and causing frequent pain.  Her Chiropractor has done monthly adjustments that help in the short term, but only lasts for a short time. I laid my hand on her shoulder and neck several times in this past week full of faith each time in God’s truth of mending and therapy.
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This is a description of what I have discovered from a spiritual perspective on health and healing.  The more we cooperate with the way God does things, the more successful we will be in walking out the abundant life that Jesus purchased for us on His cross.
This entry was posted in Healing & Miracles Today and tagged Healing, Health, Love Your Body, Spiritual Healing on November 9, 2010 by Gary Ellis. If you believe the bible, this will be helpful, even eye (and mouth) opening.  Otherwise, it will just be more blabbering about the subject of positive confession.
We learn from the physical world (as well as the human body) that that which is seen and that which is not seen start with seeds. There are many more.  What seed words (phrases) do you use or can you think of that changes atmospheres and produces miracles?  Please comment.
This entry was posted in Healing & Miracles Today and tagged Angels and Miracles Conference on August 22, 2010 by Gary Ellis. This entry was posted in Healing & Miracles Today and tagged Eye Miracle, Eyeballs Materialize, Gary L Ellis, It's Supernatural, Miracles, Sanctuary Revival Center Davenport IA, Sid Roth on August 19, 2010 by Gary Ellis. I’m going to tell you about a few miracles that transformed me from a bold, modern girl to a modest, God-fearing lady who now offers, masha Allah, all five prayers a day and sometimes the Tahajjud Prayer as well. By profession I was a mathematics teacher in my native Pakistan, and in my leisure time I kept far away from religious activities, losing myself in the excitements of the life. For one thing, what was it that enabled the Prophet (saw) and his followers to bear so much hardship and pain? I also began to wonder why most of the teachers on my campus didn’t cover themselves properly even though they could obviously afford the latest fashions.

I had also seen many people eating stale or scanty food and sleeping on thin sheets but still thanking Allah. After I made this wish, within a few months all the hindrances that stood in the way of my marriage were settled automatically, and I got married. My husband is quite possessive and reserved in nature and did not like me to engage in social activity. This is how my wish (to get ample leisure time to understand Quran) miraculously came true! After the third year passed I started having a repeated dream of facing an examination I hadn’t prepared for.
I recalled those hectic days of my life when I used to teach, and then I remembered my wish to read and understand the Quran. Those dreams were reminding me of my own wish and telling me that I wasn’t preparing for the real examination that is Aakhirah.
After I’d completed my first reading of the Quran I started to listen to different Ulamas and Scholars to know their views regarding Quran.
The same day I was preparing for lunch and cut the tomato with Bismillah, hoping for a miracle.
Some of my friends and relatives ask me why I look so contented and relaxed when I’m not having children. Stay blessed and keep firm faith in Allah Karim’s Authorities without a wish for a miracle as the Seerat of our beloved Prophet (May peace be upon him) and Quran e Hakeem are the ever living miracles for the whole mankind.
Its 100% true miracles happen in our time but who can understand it, only those who have believe in Allah and fear of Allah(SWT). We are praying to Allah that He give you a beautiful child as a gift from Him for loving Him the way he should be loved.
Allah is always there to help, if one sees with belief one can find one thing or the other giving Allahs’ evidence. Un nouveau document contient le temoignage oculaire des miracles accomplis par Jesus Rome – L’etude d’un expert italien d’un document du premier siecle ecrit par l’historien romain Marcus Velleius Paterculus qui a ete recemment decouvert dans les archives du Vatican, a trouve ce qui semble etre le tout premier temoignage oculaire jamais enregistre d’un miracle accompli par Jesus Christ. It was also being restrained in position that was causing a great deal of discomfort to her right shoulder.
And let me say right now that miracles in your mouth have to do with a lot more than superstitiously saying positive stuff. So, let me share with you some of the simple word seeds that you plant with the hand of your tongue that will absolutely bear miracle fruit when they are given time to grow.
Do you believe that a good and loving God spoke the world into existence as Genesis 1 describes?
I had to speak on the topic “Life of the Holy Prophet (saw).” Once I’d done this, many questions began entering my mind. What was the thing that motivated them to fight difficult battles against armies, much stronger and numerous than theirs? In addition, everyone in his family was independent so there was little mingling among family members. Now the only thing I had in abundance was time, and even then I couldn’t see how Allah was blessing me and giving me my wish. Sometimes it was my Inters Urdu paper, at other times my Matric’s Mathematics’ paper, and sometimes other exams.

Immediately I prostrated to my Rabb and from that very day I started to ponder Quran along with its translation. It happened many times that when I had to look for a verse on previous pages to link with the current one, the right page would open on the first try. For that purpose once I was surfing YouTube and found there a video called “Miracles of Allah”.
When I cut the tomato I was amazed; I could clearly see ALLAH written in Arabic, with TASHDEED written under it. But I’m completely satisfied with my life because I have confidence that my Rabb and His beautiful, miraculous book is with me.
Why don’t you take this message to your old school and share with school girls and old friends of u, with your husband’s permission?
Several times when I wanted Allah to tell me how can I solve my problem, I found the solution or the answer in the pages of Quran.
L’auteur decrit une scene dont il a apparemment ete le temoin, dans laquelle un prophete et professeur qu’il appelle Iesous de Nazarenus, a ressuscite un enfant mort-ne et le presenta a sa mere.
Do you believe that we are here because of a mighty God and and not because of a muddy glob? But my busy life prevented me from reading the Quran and its translation with understanding. Unfortunately I forgot my longing to study the Quran, and instead of availing my self of all that spare time, I started looking for other ways to keep myself busy. L’historien et archiviste Ignazio Perrucci, a ete embauche par les autorites du Vatican en 2012, pour trier, analyser et classer quelques 6000 documents antiques qui ont ete exposes dans les chambres fortes des archives. Get inspired by the creativity other churches are using and go make your own bit of awesomeness. Please show me at least one miracle like this!  I wasn’t even sure that this wish would come true.
Il etait deja tres enthousiaste quand il a remarque que l’auteur du texte n’etait autre que le celebre historien romain Velleius, mais il a ete completement abasourdi quand il a realise la nature du contenu. De nombreux tests et analyses ont ete realises au cours des dernieres semaines pour determiner l’authenticite du manuscrit.
La composition du parchemin et de l’encre, le style litteraire et l’ecriture ont ete soigneusement examines et ont ete consideres comme tout a fait legitime. L’analyse au carbone 14 a egalement revele que le parchemin en peau de mouton sur lequel le texte est ecrit, fait en effet reference au 1er siecle de notre ere, plus precisement entre l’an 20 et 45 apres JC. Ce nouveau texte d’un auteur connu pour son serieux, propose une toute nouvelle perspective sur la vie du personnage historique qu’est Jesus de Nazareth. Il confirme les Evangiles sur la base qu’il etait connu pour accomplir des miracles et que sa seule presence en ville etait suffisante pour attirer des foules de gens.
Une traduction complete et officielle du document devrait etre disponible en ligne et en plusieurs langues au cours des prochaines semaines, mais l’impact de la decouverte se fait deja ressentir dans la communaute scientifique. De nombreux chercheurs ont deja salue la conclusion de l’une des plus grandes decouvertes jamais realisees dans l’etude de la vie historique de Jesus, tandis que d’autres ont exprime des doutes sur les conclusions du professeur Perrucci et exigerent que d’autres test soient effectues par d’autres institutions scientifiques avant d’en tirer des conclusions.

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