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A survey conducted by Proudfoot Consulting a few years back reported the huge significance and opportunities in time management that covered 2,500 businesses over four years and 38 countries. People tend to waste their time since they do not have a clear goal or a clear purpose to achieve.
The goal is one way to direct all of the resource that you have (your money, your capability, your relationship and include your time), flow to the right direction . At nowadays time as Brian Tracy said that time has been a critical resource that you should have. Good tips in your article but does not begin to tackle the emotional intelligence we need to handle our day. It indicated that wasted time costs UK businesses ?80bn per year, equivalent to 7% of its GDP.
Scrutinize where we waste time: Often, time management problems stem from poor work habits.

Learn to delegate: Although it seems tempting to do the job yourself, it has been proven that for better productivity, more output in lesser time is wiser. Avoid procrastination: The probable cause for procrastination is that we don’t like doing the work.
Avoid multi-tasking: Though we may be fond of multi-tasking, it may well erode the quality of work. Use time management tools: By using time management tools effectively, we can schedule events and set up reminders for future events. It’s been rightly said, “Plan your work and then work your plan.” Planning gives a focus to your priorities, thus indirectly enhancing your productivity and profitability. It can be treated as doing important tasks first and then following them up with the less important ones. Thus, a detailed analysis of this will help you to come up with a list of major time wasters’ activities.

Thus, it is necessary to impart “productive procrastination,” else it will hamper the work process.
If you could set your goal clear and specific as well as inspired, you can then know how to use your time effectively. I sometimes list my achievements in my head to give me a boost, especially if I feel under attack. I also find a few minutes of complete silence, resting and going inwards gives me an energy surge and a calmness.

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10 tips on effective time management

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