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The elements in the rainbow are the skills, knowledge and expertise students should master to succeed in work and life in the 21st century. Learning and Innovative SkillsLearning and innovation skills are what separate students who are prepared for increasingly complex life and work environments in the 21st century and those who are not.
The Partnership created the Framework for 21st Century Learning, which describes the skills, knowledge and expertise students must master to succeed in work and life.

In this work Rich provided several tips and pieces of advice that were proven to help children develop the basic values and character strengths they need to succeed in school and beyond. Only when a school or district combines the framework with 21st century professional development, assessments and standards can the American public be sure that high school graduates are prepared to thrive in today’s global economy. It  includes an emphasis on focusing attention and thinking toward a goal - to help build critical abilities essential in the age of information.

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21st century learning skills communication

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