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Free Time Management PowerPoint template is a free background template for Microsoft PowerPoint that you can use for presentations on time management and get things done GTD presentations. PowerPoint® is registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation and this site do not have any relationship with Microsoft Corp.
Covey distinguishes between pro-active people – people who focus their efforts on things which they can do something about – and reactive people, who blame, accuse, behave like victims, pick on other people’s weaknesses, and complain about external factors over which they have no control (for example, the weather).
Quadrant I – Urgent & important – for example, crises, deadlines, unexpected opportunities. Quadrant II – Not urgent, but important – for example, planning recreation, relationship-building, doing, learning. Quadrant I – stress, burn-out inability to manage time (& thus loss of control of one’s own life). Quadrant III – short termism, loss of control, shallowness, feelings of being a victim of circumstances. Habit 3 is therefore about managing oneself effectively, by prioritising according to the principles adopted in Habit 2.  This approach transcends the office diary or day-planner, embracing all roles in life – as manager, mentor, administrator, strategist, and also as parent, spouse, member of social groups, and as an individual with needs and aspirations. Habits 1-3 are grouped under the banner of ‘Private Victory’, as they are the basic paradigms of interdependence. Interdependence occurs when there is co-operation, not competition, in the workplace (or the home).  Covey holds that competition belongs in the marketplace.
Celebrates success, recognising that one person’s success is not achieved at the expense, or to the exclusion, of others.
The essence of synergy is where two parties, each with a different agenda, value each other’s differences.  Everything in nature is synergistic, with every creature and plant being interdependent with others. The mental self-building on to our formal education through reading, visualising, planning, writing, & maintaining a coherent programme of continuing personal development.

As a result of this need to keep up with readers’ expectations, bloggers have to effectively use whatever time they have available. Like how writers and people of influence like to keep journals to jot down their experiences, feelings and thoughts, bloggers can also follow this practice to get ideas for their blog material.
By the time you settle down to write your piece, you’d have quite a number of ideas in hand to work with. After you gather all the ideas in your head and on your notepad, you should start off with an outline of what your post will be about. You can also link all sorts of random ideas together to make a coherent and convincing piece. The best thing about systems is that you can pick the best time of the day to write and then build your routine around it. While working on your masterpiece, it’s often too easy to get distracted by other activities running in the background. You can download this free PPT Template for presentations related to time management, efficiency, lean manufacturing, quality assurance as well as other presentation topics. You can use this PowerPoint template to prepare presentations for your daily agenda, as well as online meetings or conferences around the world. We are an independent website offering free presentation solutions and free PowerPoint backgrounds for presentations. There are a lot of areas to cover: making sure your posts are updated regularly, maintaining the quality of the content, keeping up with trends, moderating feedback etc.
These are merely suggestions, some of you here may prefer a less rigid approach to time management when you’re writing something creative and original. Apart from providing you with original ideas for your writing, jotting down those ideas as they pop up will save you a significant amount of time in the brainstorming process.

Our mind works best by means of association, so it’s easy to flow from one idea to another when you already have a few good leads to start from. Instead of starting with a blank slate, you can continue on from what you’ve already gathered from your jotted ideas.
With this basic structure of how your piece is going to flow, all your thought processes will have a clearer direction, which is essential to keep your writing in track.
You may have social messengers and video-streaming sites to check out, or personal emails to attend to. It’s an effective time management mindset because it instills discipline in what you do.
For this to work, we can’t choose to do things based on how easy it is to complete or based on our personal preferences. Behind the slide template you can find a city skyscraper and this PPT template has a blue color but easily you can combine it with other color schemes.
That’s good for you as a blogger because that means you have a system, and that system will help you meet deadlines. In a priority list, you get to rank the order of importance of each task so that you can pay attention to the most urgent ones. Prioritization benefits your time management by first highlighting to you what needs your attention first. For myself, I would prefer a balance between spontaneity and structure to make sure I still keep up with my deadlines for submitting my entries.

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