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Get on-demand visibility into component and production data, as well as forecasting and demand planning.
Component parts and assemblies can contain embedded cost information, alongside other data on their supplier. Cost information within component parts and sub-assemblies can be automatically rolled-up within a BOM to provide an overall total for a product, reducing the time otherwise spent looking elsewhere for cost data and manually calculating the total.
Real-time, graphical reports can be easily created based upon any metrics in PLM 360, including cost and revenue-related data. AutodeskA® PLM 360 helps you track in real-time cost and revenue-related data, so you can make better decisions about your product design. Sharing information across PLM and ERP systems enables manufacturers to optimize costing and pricing, by pulling cost data from ERP to use in the ECO material disposition process.

The visibility of sub-total costs for each sub-assembly allows more in-depth analysis of a product. Information, such as actual costs versus revenue, can be made freely available in bar or pie chart formats to any interested parties, giving them an easy to understand overview of the data created within the PLM environment. Seamless integration between cloud-based Autodesk PLM 360 and NetSuite ERP helps to maximize profitability by giving designers, engineers, and other stakeholders a scalable platform to ensure that changes and their associated costs are properly documented and managed in both PLM and downstream manufacturing. All stakeholders can understand, at a glance, the cost of a supplied item, without the need to interrupt the Procurement team or waste time accessing other databases and systems to find that information. Roll-up capability is in real-time, so stakeholders can immediately assess the impact of any changes on the total cost, and better analyze what effect alternative components could have.
Reports are in real-time, so always up-to-date, reducing the risk of potential error often found with manually compiled reports which become out-of-date very quickly.

This also allows people to compare options, and make better informed decisions on the most economical components to use in their products, as well as aiding material disposition decisions during an engineering change.
Using these cost reporting capabilities can reduce the amount of effort otherwise regularly spent compiling this data from numerous disparate locations.

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360 management group llc

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