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Heritage Martial Arts and Fitness Centre is one of the first centres in Canada to offer Tom Patire’s Training for Life® Personal Protection and Safety Courses.
From humble beginnings, Heritage Martial Arts & Fitness Centre has overcome adversity to succeed in the martial arts and fitness industries. Ian has been with the team since the 2007-2008 season and has had great success taking one of his athletes to the National Championships in his inaugural year. His enthusiasm and excellent ability to teach creates an excellent training environment and makes the throws group a strong part of the program. Kofi joins the coaching staff after a very successul career as a Warrior graduating in 2013.
Bryan Stride enters his first year as UWTF distance coach & head coach of the cross-country program in 2013. Stride has been the head coach of various high school cross country and track teams while also writing and directing personal fitness for students-athletes, peers and teachers throughout his teaching career.
On top of his coaching accolades, Stride has also reached several outstanding personal feats as a cross country runner.

He began training and studying Goju Ryu karate at the age of sixteen in Waterloo, Ontario under Sensei Gregg Skyork.
James has been training and teaching CDT course for 5 years and is an ITC Certified Bodyguard and Last Resort Tactics (LRT) instructor. A two time CIS 60m finalist and Kinesiology graduate, Kofi brings experience and knowledge to the Warrior squad. He was the Canadian Masters champion four straight years (1991-1994) and also has several Ontario University Athletics titles to his name. Shihan Fries is currently ranked as a 6th degree black belt in Goju Ryu karate under Hanshi Carlos Montalvo 10° of the Ronin Goju-Ryu Kai and continues to study and train in the Goju Ryu style karate extensively.The Goju system focuses on proper muscle function and movement which can be applied to self defense. Stride, now retired, was a teacher for over 25 years in the Upper Grand District School Board having taught physical and health education.
Stride has earned two provincial titles (1975, 1976) while also collecting a national championship in 1976. James believes mental focus and overall ability will improve greatly with the proper training, conditioning and fitness.

As department head of physical education, Stride has always been an advocate of an active and healthy lifestyle through running. He strives to learn new ideas, techniques and training methods to expand his own knowledge and to help his students grow and improve.
He continues to train with Sifu Paul Irish who is the only certified full instructor in Canada under Sifu Larry Hartsell. Jeet Kune Do focuses on functional training for grappling, stand up fighting, Filipino stick fighting and knife training. Shihan Fries trains in White Crane Under Hanshi Gary Legacy and has achieved a 1st degree black belt in White Crane.

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3m national coaching certification program

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