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We may not be dealing with intoxicated patrons on a day-to-day basis, but when it comes to working with clients the treatment is oddly similar.We’ve all experienced a moment when a client, new or old, is unhappy. Don’t forget to ask the important questions: I’m not talking “When do you need this by?” Instead, ask “How are you doing today?” and “Are you happy with the work we have done so far and if not, what would you like to see be done differently?” Having conversations with your clients doesn’t have to be straight to business.
Take time to do the little things: If your client prefers Excel spreadsheets or prefers morning calls, make sure you do what you can to make this happen.
If you are interested in learning more about how the BLASTmedia team can help your brand, contact our own Lindsey Groepper. The heart of the matter is this – successfully married couples report a high level of satisfaction with the way they communicate with each other.
The Schmitz’s interviewed thousands of couples to compile their top 5 tips on communication in marriage. Don’t try to discuss a serious matter unless you and your spouse can give it your full attention. It’s better to let an issue wait than to try to approach it at the wrong time, which can often lead to even more frustration and anger.
Lower your voices, speak in a calm manner, make eye contact, listen intently and seek clarification if you don’t understand. If you want to be among those successful couples, take this list of communication rules to heart. You may think he knows how grateful you are for the hard work he does or that he takes care of the kids when you go to yoga class, but how often do you thank him? If faced with a code red scenario, does your business have what it takes to survive and sustain? As the saying goes, it is better to be safe than sorry, which is why NEC has developed a number of different ways to protect your company and your employees from practically any type of threat using business phone systems and voice solutions.
Be it an intruder, natural disaster or internal calamity, your business operation should always have a protection plan in place. Before you can develop a protection plan for any type of threat, youa€™ll need to know which threats are possible and, furthermore, which are most likely.
Your business phone systems should be up-to-date and compatible with voice solution and notification tools that can save lives. In the event that a disaster-like situation occurs, youa€™re going to need a way to communicate with emergency personnel, first responders and every single employee that works under your roof. If you want to heighten the level of security and protection you provide to employees, investing in NEC Unified Communications Systems is a must. Enhanced 9-1-1: Compatible with SV8300 and SV8500 communication servers, enhanced 9-1-1 is able to pinpoint the exact location of the person who calls 9-1-1 while simultaneously alerting those who need to know that an emergency call has been placed.

Screen Pop Alerts: Which provides immediate emergency information that pops up on your employeea€™s work computer screen (among other devices and communication avenues).
Presence: With presence, employees and management gain a greater level of visibility into where each team member is and whether they are available. Work From Home Capability: In the event that your office building gets put on lockdown, you cana€™t afford for the entire business operation to take a hiatus. Nothing proves your businessa€™s dedication to customer service like proper communication in the face of a disaster.
Interactive Voice Response: Which broadcasts important messages to clients via your business phone system. If you dona€™t have a plan or the tools in place to combat a code red situation, youa€™re making peace of mind an impossible status to achieve. If they’re more comfortable with video chat instead of a phone conference or emails, Skype them! Chances are you’re balancing a handful of different clients, all with different needs, but they don’t need to know that. In our relationships with our bosses, our relationships with our kids and in our marriages, communication is essential. Effective marital communication always begins with proper engagement and in a proper context. Don’t allow past hurts and other issues to creep into the discussion and lead to a full-blown argument. By starting the discussion on a constructive and positive note, you can better your chances of finding a solution without getting into a fight. Allowing judgmental behavior and remarks into your communication not only hurts your mate; it also makes openness more dangerous for you in future conversations. Ironically, many of these heated discussions occur because we don’t express ourselves. Watch how his face lights up when you tell him you love him and it will make your heart smile. Take the time to express yourself, avoid heated discussions, make small talk, show gratitude, and tell your spouse you love him in order to have better communication in your marriage. If your building experiences a a€?code reda€™ type scenario, here are five business tips to help you prepare. If a code red catastrophe occurs at your business, your employees arena€™t the only ones affected.
We did what they asked of us, we secured stellar coverage and thought the relationship was going well.

When you are interacting with your client it should be done in a way that they feel as if they are your only client.
What’s worse is that this lack of communication can cause deeper problems in your marriage.
You may think that he should know what needs to be done, but that’s not always the case. If you find yourself about to blow up because he played Candy Crush through your entire date night, leave the room and calm down.
If you haven’t told him in a long time, it could be just what you need to rekindle your marriage. Is your business located within a building that is older and therefore, less adapted to modern security and safety means?
Customers will need to know whata€™s going on and how your business is resolving the issue.
Invest in the tools necessary to succeed, like upgraded business phone systems, Unified Communications, Emergency Notification Systems and other voice solutions. It can increase work productivity and having open lines of communication allows for better brainstorming. If you want him to take more time for your relationship or to stop using his smartphone during your date, tell him.
When you don’t tell him, it can be easy for him to forget and feel taken for granted. This is especially true for companies with nationwide clients that might not understand the severity of a local situation. Before the chaos and stress of a code red situation starts to drive action, have a plan already in place and practice it to the point that it becomes second nature. Charles and Elizabeth Schmitz offer 5 rules that can save your marriage from failure due to a breakdown in communication. Youa€™ll want to be operating on instinct rather than whim if ever your protection strategy is tested by a threat.

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