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The Challenge of LeadershipWe began our final week of the session with a module on the Challenge of Leadership facilitated by Lim Mung San, Principal Consultant of Connecting Tracks Consultancy, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We began to identify our core values and were encouraged to name them as we witness to them, modelling the way which we wish to inspire. We are a nonprofit organization that is committed to helping churches implement green practices.
If your church is just beginning to consider green practices, we encourage you to build a team and get started. The youth of the church might collect funds to purchase some blue recycling bins that can be placed throughout the church and challenge congregation member to make sure they recycle. For churches who have taken bold steps or are ready to take bold steps, we encourage you to seek certification from the Green Church Association ® to recognize your achievement and communicate your strong values to others.
Topics covered Sources of corporate innovativeness Is there a set of management practices and beliefs which impact corporate innovation? Typical innovation process 8 Invention Incubation Introduction Innovative companies manage each phase so as to create an enterprising environment.
Typical innovation process 9 Invention IncubationIntroduction Provide vision and leadership Encourage idea generation Manage the search process Empower key personnel Commit resources Nurture projects Set up the organization Launch and monitor Motivate and reward Management practices impact the environment for innovation at each phase.
What it takes to get the corporate environment right Innovativeness is not about the corporation getting only one thing right Environment is not climate unless you want the weather to change unpredictably! Structuring the corporation for innovation There are many options when it comes to trying to become more innovative. Leadership – attributes which discourage innovativeness You dont want these management practices! Day-to-day organization and management – attributes which discourage innovativeness You dont want these management practices!
Idea generation and realization – attributes which discourage innovativeness You dont want these management practices!

The 25-Factor free on-line survey which can be used to calibrate 25 dimensions of the environment for innovation 1.
Learning Objectives 7.1 Describe the organizing process and how formal and informal organizations differ. Final Report – November 3, 2003 Organization of American States Management Study of the Operations of the General Secretariat Part I – Executive Summary. Talent Management Corporate Training Materials Talent Management Corporate Training Materials. Through writing a 2 minute vision speech and presenting it to the group we learned how to inspire a shared vision.
Consider what groups in your church are open to going green and ask them to help you get started. A good place to expand your knowledge is to click the links on the certification page that discuss green practices that fall under the seven sections of our Green Certified Church Operations program. The conception of a good idea Innovation means introducing something new, but in our definition, not just anything new Innovation means taking a risk by investing time, money and effort in making something happen that is significant Innovation is about both breakthroughs and also creating a difference such as; - developing a new product and making it commercially successful - adopting a new business model or strategic thrust - acquiring or developing a new process technology not previously patented. Which option to choose or not to choose is tricky The worst choice is probably to do nothing and to let innovation take its own course. Management does not place sufficient (F#6) emphasis on people, on human resources and people interaction. 2 Objectives After this workshop you will be able to: Set the groundwork for productive coaching sessions. Survey Surveys were emailed on June 4, 2012 (some paper surveys were used for those who have no computer access) Closed on. We believe that our churches should be places that promote the health of our members and the health of others throughout the world. For example, you might work with the children's ministry leadership to review the cleaning chemicals used in rooms that serve young children.

Some corporations have it, some do not Without at least some of these management practices there is probably no innovativeness and no innovation Sometimes it is very difficult to describe which practices are best If you have the right mix, you know you have it but, if you dont, you dont know whats missing!
The subject of innovation is not high on the agenda for Board meetings, management meetings, conferences, etc.
There is too high a degree of formal communication (F#10) in the company It is not common to use of independent (groups with authority to make changes) work groups to accomplish projects (F#11) and special tasks. Central Connecticut State University Chapter 8: Managing Innovation and New Industrial Product Development. Implementing green cleaning practices requires a little effort researching products, yet there are typically minimal or no additional costs for these products. Typical innovation process What it takes to get the corporate environment right Structuring the corporation for innovation How do you fix the environment – if it is in need of fixing?
A corporations environment may be seen to be different from inside than from outside the organization.
A number of things have to be working properly to have an environment which supports innovation Understanding the environment of a corporation is complex Some, but not all, aspects of culture can be measured Get the environment right. Decision making is driven from the top (F#12) and there is insufficient input from relevant sources in the company. There is little tolerance for variances (F#8) from a defined or undefined corporation norm. Benefits of an innovative corporation Understanding corporate innovativeness Sustaining Innovation – Some Thoughts Innovative companies researched for 25-Factors The Twenty Five factors which can be used to calibrate 25 dimensions of corporate innovativeness.
Different individuals and groups within a corporation can have dissimilar views Knowing more about your corporate environment is the obvious starting point *********************************************** Management practices impact innovativeness!

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5 leadership practices encourage the heart

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