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Being aware of some effective time management tips is going to help you greatly with your social media campaign. As bloggers we love social media.  Half the fun of blogging is being able to connect with others, to learn new things and to share your own information. Social media allows for an amazing opportunity to reach people that otherwise you would have limited possibility of connecting with.
There are however difficulties within social media, and the main one is that it can completely suck your time if you are not careful. You may have incredibly good intentions of spending an hour on your networks and before you know it, two or three have passed.  The question is how can you remain active and noticed on social media without spending all of your time there? These time management tips will help you narrow down your focus for your social media campaign.
One of the most important time management tips for your social media success has to be knowing your purpose.
Signing up for several social media accounts is not going to get you noticed.  What is your intention with these platforms?
I’ve talked before about setting goals for your site, and this is the same for your social media accounts. Do you even know what it is you want to achieve or are you posting blindly hoping that people will suddenly notice you? It is not enough to simply have goals, you need to know how you are going to put them into action. Neil definitely has a plan for all his social media campaigns and he knows exactly what he is wanting to achieve. For most time management tips to be successful you need to first evaluate how much time you actually have available.
If you are finding that you are getting lost in the realms of all things social media, then you need to allocate a certain amount of time you spend to it each day. Set the tasks that you want to achieve on each of your accounts, then asses how long each of those tasks will take you.

Any changes you make are going to be tricky to implement.  If it was easy, you would have been doing it already! Give things time before you decide whether something is working or not.  One or two days is not enough to determine whether your new strategy is going to be successful, and you will need to review this over a period of time.
You will however know if you are not achieving anything in the time you set for yourself, and if this is the case you need to examine why!
If after an hour, you have nothing to show, then it is likely you have either been procrastinating or maybe socialising a little too much! If you feel that social media is a giant ocean that is going to swallow you whole, there are steps you can take to avoid this. How much time can you dedicate each day on your accounts and still be productive with all the other areas of blogging?
Do you have any time management tips to ensure you stay focused with your social media efforts? These are all excellent tips, and it’s a very similar approach to what I use in my own work. Absolutely Marc, whilst Social Media is awesome to move blogs forward, it can also be the curse that holds it back. I think we can be our own worst enemies sometimes in trying to achieve more than may be practical. Thanks a lot for sharing a very valuable post becuase wasting time at social media is almost problem of every second blogger.
Social is important but so is getting off of social sites to connect with bloggers through their comment fields, and responding to people through my blog is also paramount. Spending the time focusing on connecting with other bloggers on their blogs and on your own should of course be a priority.
The fact that you have taken a step back to look at the purpose of your blog, is fantastic.
It can sometimes feel like we dont have the time to step back and work on our schedules and our priorities, but like you said, it actually free’s up time later on.

Too many times people get lost, or fail on the internet is because they don’t have a specific structure set in place outlining their goals and what they plan to accomplish. We have lot of temptations and allurement there especially going on conversation at our timeline where we eagerly wait comments of our friends and also want to see who comment how on any of our shared thing there. If we make up our mind to leave from there after that much time so after that we will at least admit we are wasting our time there.
Of course no rushing but it really helping to make a number of impacts throughout the day as you stick to your disciplined sked on these sites.
Setting goals for yourself and having reminders about those goals nearby (on a sticky taped onto your computer screen) can make all the difference in the world because it’s a constant reminder. You can’t just rely on the old tactics people used three years ago; you need to start thinking outside the box. Being a newbie, each segment of the social media and G+ emails have completely consumed me for months. Since blogging should be taken as a business, you should ALWAYS be evaluating certain aspects of your blog to know what to improve on. Getting traffic and exposure through social media is good, but doing it in a small amount of time is even better.
I didn’t want to waste time organizing the priorities and found that doing so saved time. Since last month with realizing why, where and when, I’ve freed myself up a little more to focus on why I started the blog to begin with.

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5 tips for effective time management

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