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Download Wonders Of the World 7 wonders Desktop Backgrounds Photos in HD High Quality Resolutions.
The Seven Wonders of the World is a well known traditional list of seven astonishing constructions of the ancient times.
Out of the Seven Wonders of the World, only the Pyramids of Giza have survived the test of time. We provide the best collection of HD wallpapers in different size and resolutions These wallpapers are in high definition for your PC desktop, laptop and mobile devices.
To discover images and hq pictures, type your search terms into our powerful search engine box or browse our different categories. As people knew little about the world beyond the Mediterranean rim at that time, this list only has a collection of works located around that area. The Lighthouse of Alexandria: The lighthouse was almost 400 feet high and was one of the tallest amongst the Seven Wonders of the World. In recent times, many new lists consisting of wonders of the medieval world and the modern world have been developed.

The two lists which were the most famous of many such lists were the ones complied by Philo of Byzantium and by Antipater of Sidon.
As was claimed by a Babylonian priest, they were spread over an area of 400 square feet and were 75 feet high above the ground.
The temple had a captivating marble sanctuary and its roof was made of wood and covered with tiles.
The Greek sculptor Charles was given the charge to build this bronze statue to honor the sun god Helios. As the Greeks considered seven as a magical number, the list of Wonders of the World had seven members. Nebuchadnezzar employed slaves to transport water from the nearby river Euphrates and attend to the maintenance of the gardens. The mausoleum was 135 feet high and four Grecian sculptors added to its beauty by decorating it with a band of ornaments from the outside. The figure of Nike, his messenger, was in its right hand and there was a scepter in its left hand.

The inner space had two rows of not less than 106 columns, each column being 40 to 60 feet high. It was transported to Constantinople to increase its life where this Wonder of the World was unfortunately destroyed by a fire in A.D 462. After being burnt and rebuilt several times, this temple was finally destroyed by an angry mob in 401 A.D.
But, as nature would have it, it was destroyed by an earthquake just 56 years after it had been built.

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7 wonders of the world with pictures

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