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International Management Research Academy (IMRA) successfully convened an International Conference in London, UK, during 17-18 May 2012, with 119 participants from 33 countries, including Australia, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Malaysia, Moldova, Netherlands, Pakistan,  Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and United States of America, making this a truly global conference. International Management Research Academy (IMRA) is a global academy dedicated to the continuous and effective development of management theory and practice. This week over at Hip Homeschool Moms I wrote an article concerning Financial Literacy & Money Sense For Kids, specifically discussing younger children through elementary grades.
Helping your children to budget their money will help them prioritize their saving and spending needs. The cell phone bill is the priority so $30 has to go to that first, leaving $30 to divide between short and long term spending. Active Allowance is a revolutionary web service that helps you create a thoughtful and sustainable allowance and responsibilities for your kids ages 6-15. Money$mart-Credit$mart is a free online and interactive, user-friendly, financial literacy program developed by Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Greater Dallas, Inc. Dave Ramsey’s Foundations in Personal Finance is a DVD curriculum that is easy-to-implement, and includes lesson plans, assessments, case studies and activities.
Something that goes hand in hand with Money Management for teens is Time Management for Teens. To get tons of great advice, and move beyond the basics of academics, pick up a copy of The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas. This book can carry you through all your years of homeschooling, covering the stages your children will mature through: preschoolers, elementary grades, middle school, and high school. Curve stitching is a form of string art where smooth curves are created through the use of straight lines.
Here's an interesting one of an Isometric Cube by Lionel Deimel (who has more awesome designs on his curve stitching page).Here's one by Eli Hess using ropes and trees.

Create a Parabola from Lines and a Right AngleDraw a right angle and mark two lines of equal length at equal intervals. Making Narrower or Wider Parabolas by Using Non-Right AnglesIf you want a narrower parabola, you can follow the process above, but use an angle less than 90 degrees.
Creating Parabolic Sections Inside PolygonsSince the process of creating parabolic sections can be done with any angle, you can use angles that make polygons and use the process on all of the sides. Creating Star Figures from Parabolic SectionsIf you use the lines that connect up the center of a regular polygon to each of the sides, you get star figures made out of your parabolas. Combine Parabolic Sections to Make a Work of Art.There are an infinite number of ways to combine these parabolic sections to create interesting figures. Show Off Your Parabolic ArtworkIf you make any of these designs or any of your own, let us know by posting a picture or video up on the corkboard.
Managing Director, Coach & Trainer, Management Consultant, Energy Health Practitioner Degree from the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (Dr. IMRA aims to become a collaborative catalyst between academics and practitioners in fostering relationships via creation, assistance and dissemination of cutting-edge management thinking.
Foundations in Personal Finance can be used as a primary or supplemental resource to fulfill requirements in mathematics, economics, family consumer science, business mathematics and personal finance. The curve formed is a parabola.One of the easiest curves to create using curve stitching is a parabola.
The angle below is 45 degrees.If you want a wider parabola, you can follow the process above, but use an angle greater than 90 degrees. Using the process on regular polygons where all of the angles and sides are the same results in pleasing figures. The image below used a pentagon, which has 5 central angles of 72 degrees.This reminds me of a three dimensional version I made out of pencils.

It's interesting that you say they look like they're 3d, because I guess we're actually used to seeing images from 3d video games etc. Each stand-alone chapter can usually be completed within one hour, with the video segments averaging 15 minutes.
I discovered it when my math students started showing me the geometric art they had created.The process of curve stitching can be done with a piece of paper and a ruler, or anything you can make a straight line with.
There are 32 in this picture.If you want the parabola to continue, you can extend the lines both beyond the right angle. I constructed a regular triangle below, but the process would work for any regular polygon. Can anyone make them using other materials?On Thursday, we'll look at creating some curves from straight lines using a circle as the starting point. Habits form early in life and become more difficult to change the older we get so the sooner you get started the better the lifelong money habits you will help instill in your children will be! The High School Version is designed for use in a high school classroom and includes a printable student workbook, teacher’s guide, tests and activities.
If you want the parabola to continue getting steeper, you can extend the marks past the right angle and connect them up as shown below. Note the strong connections between triangles, circles, and hexagons that you can see in the image below.There are tilings that use multiple polygons to tile the plane. I created a version of each figure by hand, and then copied them using Photoshop.You can use lines of different colors to create your parabolic sections.

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