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By clicking SIGN UP, I acknowledge that I have read and agreed to the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use. Plus, receive updates about John Feinstein,recommended reads and more from Simon & Schuster. This classic of the genre is the inside story of one of college basketball's storied coaches and teams recounting the 1985-1986 season at Indiana University, describing the complex personality of coach Bob Knight, and examining the coaching methods which make him one of the best of all time.
The view from the Milan camp is heard through the input of both Carlo Ancelotti and Gattuso, with the latter being refreshingly honest in his appraisal of the final, admitting that “maybe it is not our fate to win this.

Then, when I saw Dudek’s save, the ‘maybe’ disappeared from that thought seriously, I knew we were going to lose in the penalties”.It was also interesting to hear Pako Ayestaran speak about his role and love for the club, as he is generally someone who is rarely heard from. Barely hiding his disdain for all things Houllier, he depicts the former manager as some sort of egotistical dictator and Benitez the benevolent saviour. Another accusation that could be labelled at the book is that it did come across a touch propagandist at times – and with the Liverpool hierarchy having a considerable input, it can only be assumed that it received Liverpool FC’s official seal of approval.Still, the book is a must read for any fan wanting to live through the excitement of the Champions League Final again, and to hear from many of the key personalities involved. Knight granted Feinstein an unprecedented inside look at college basketball -- with complete access to every moment of the season.

Xabi Alonso for example, somewhat embarrassingly explains an infamous moment from that night – “Ah that ‘peck’.
His stories have appeared in five editions of Best Sports Stories, and he has won twelve U.S.

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a season on the brink book review

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