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You are really doing an awesome job with your writing… communicating in a very understandable way.
When you start relaxing & trusting in your worthiness, which means expecting good things to come to you, then you open all kinds of doors that you had barred.
If all you did was just look for things to appreciate you would live a joyous, spectacular life.

If there are typos, spelling or grammar mistakes in this post don’t worry about.  Those are the kinds of things I’ve worried about for FAR too long.  It’s time to just get it out and who cares if it’s not perfect, it’s from the heart! It is easy to feel that you are excited about what you are writing and that makes it so much easier for others to be excited about reading your words and thoughts :-) !! As for this blog post it’s a great example of the importance of appreciation and gratitude and what expectations can do.

I also facilitate weekly Mastermind groups for courageous entrepreneurs and offer marketing and business consulting for big thinkers.

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abraham hicks affirmation cards

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