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Since the term life coach covers a broad range of topics and areas of interest, I decided to share a list of 50 coaches who cover a broad range of topics from finance, money and business to relationships, spirituality and well being. Also be sure to check out this FREE video to Attract Instant Miracles and Program Your Mind to Create Financial Abundance.
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Gary van Warmerdam is a true coach that has a program that is far more than it seems to be.
In reality though, the only reason I went on this spiritual journey myself is because of inspirational, powerful people out there (some whom are coaches). I’m a believer in Conversations With God and not attached to any organized religion but I listen to half an hour of Pastor Joel Osteen on You Tube every day. I agree, Joel Osteen gave me the spirit of positivity, almost every day I listen to his sermons while preparing for work. I am reading a lot from the above mentioned Coaches as well and I feel alive and happy again.
I just thought you should know that there are two websites for Werner Erhard that may provide your readers with more information.

The only one here that could qualify as a coach is Tony Robbins because he DOES coach people and has been for decades. If you get a little closer to the real term, you might garner more credability in your writting of this article. Here is a coach that I have learned a lot and I just want also share, he truly inspire me and other people as well.This man is just so amazing.
There are a lot of inspirational people on this list, and I have purchased and used several of these folks in my lifetime but the problem with them helping with REAL personal change is that it isn’t personal.
When I think of Life Coaching, I think of it all originating with the phenomenal Martha Beck. These are coaches who have impacted me directly or indirectly to help improve my life and make it better.
As a spiritual coach myself , I teach every one of my clients that the answers are within AND YOU are your guru!
He changed my way of thinking plus I learned how to be petient and positive, I consider this as one of the most impportant skills nowadays. As it is, it’s more like the top 50 people who give trainings, have products or books out.

So many of the coaches I hear about getting into the business are doing it to make a difference.
I have outstanding results and of course plus many other activities that I engage myself for boosting my self esteem and confidence for feeling great. You get inspired by their thoughts and ideas and it works for awhile but it doesn’t help with the stuff that makes us mess up in the first place.
She was the first person to really help me see and understand ME in a way I hadn’t before, which was much more effective than just an inspiring pep talk or idea. She’s definitely much more affordable than attending the trainings of these guys for sure!

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abraham hicks financial meditation

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