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The Focus Wheel is a process invented by Abraham Hicks to help people change their point of attraction and vibration on any subject in life.Whenever you think about any subject, your job for example, it makes you feel a certain way.
By now you will have gotten some momentum going and it should get easier and easier to think of the next statement. If you would like a fast moving read, ala Da Vinci Code, but with a lot less new information, this is a fun book.
Here's Andy's 5-year life plan so you can see an example of what a completed one looks like. A person on the hotseat feels that it's taking too long for his stuff to arrive - what can he do or say to speed the process up?

Meetings usually wind down around 9 PM so folks can get a good night's sleep for work or school the next day.
So if you feel frustrated when you think about your job then your point of attraction on the subject of your job is frustration. You should be very proud of yourself.You have just released resistance, brought yourself into alignment with who you really are and entered your vortex and can now see the world through the eyes of Source.You now have a new and improved point of attraction for this particular topic that you have done a focus wheel on! And so you will continue to attract more frustration when it comes to your job.You can change how you feel (point of attraction) about anything in your life. Then draw a slightly larger circle around the smaller circle and 12 small circles around that circle.

This will only work if you believe the statements to be true.For example your first statement should not be something like "My parents are so proud of me" or "My parents have always been proud of me" because you do not believe that it's true.
So if the last time you thought of your job you felt frustration and then someone you're talking to brings it up you will feel frustrated. So the next time it is brought up you will feel better than you used to and you will have improved your point of attraction on the subject so you will start to attract more pleasing circumstances and events in relation to that subject.

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abraham hicks focus wheel process

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