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Over the years I’ve done hundreds of focus wheels with a success rate that has to be around 99.9% — much higher than any “guru” can promise or deliver.
Abraham-Hicks presented the process in their book “Ask and It Is Given,” and talked about it in many, many seminars. But even people who have heard of the Focus Wheel Process don’t always know how to do it properly. According to the Law of Attraction, how you feel about a topic is your point of attraction. Now you need to get “on the wheel” — you need to find one statement that’s true about you and that already matches what’s in the center of the wheel. Think of yourself as a lawyer trying to convince a jury that the statement in the center of the wheel is already true. If this statement is true and matches what’s in the center of the wheel and it makes you feel better, even slightly, write it down on the first position of the wheel. It’s very important to not take a break when you do a focus wheel — it’s called a “focus” wheel for a reason! When you’ve finished, compare how you felt when you started the Focus Wheel Process to the way you feel now and ask yourself whether you feel any better. If you were to imagine your life as a garden, that garden would have a number of different areas: for money, for relationships, for health, etc. Other sections in your garden may include some rocks but they also have flowers or beautiful trees full of delicious fruits while a few may only have beautiful blooms. Here’s a youtube link that helped me take this focus wheel process a bit further even. Can you please provide a link to the image in higher resolution so that it can be printed to be used as a workbook? TO speak my mind, Iwould like to tell you that I have rarely seen a lady as beautiful as you. I have heard Abraham talk so much about the Focus wheel, but I have never taken the step to actually use it. Thank you.I have done a couple of wheels in two days and feel really great.I just wanted to know what you meant when u said u eliminated physical manifestations?? Then since I am doing a lot of EFT, I thought wouldn’t it be cool to have a box that let us list simply just the emotions we have and their intensity in numbers from 1 to 10? So that at the end we can test how we feel and see our improvements (especially for left brain people) on the topic we are working on. If that sounds like something you would be interested to add to your updated version of the Focus Wheel, feel free to do add it. If all of them apply then it could be useful to insert those sentences and maybe more to give us more inspiration while we are writing in the boxes, don’t you think so?
If only one applies to the Focus Wheel then there is no need to write those sentences on the print out.

Hi Merav, I just finished creating a website about a new method to lose weight I discovered and since I also recommend using methods like the Focus Wheel and Eft as extra help in the process of losing weight, I thought of your great website and I wanted to ask you if I can create a link to your website. It can but Abraham have a very interesting opinion about procrastination, they say that if you are procrastination that means you’re not in alignment. Writing it down should get you to a better feeling place but it definitely helps to read it daily or when needed to reinforce the new vibration. Would you mind if I copied your focus wheel instructions for my Holistic Nutrition patients? I’ve made myself feel better about things that were bothering me, aligned myself better with my goals, and completely eliminated unwanted physical manifestations as well. They described it as “the most powerful process” which is naturally what made me curious about it. I want to explain how it works and provide you with some tools and Abraham recordings that teach seminar participants how to do a focus wheel. For example, if you’re single and usually feel “disappointed” about the results of your relationships, Law of Attraction will draw in more mates who will also make you feel disappointed (or other emotions similar in frequency).
It has twelve slots which may be enough but I found that using the revised version, the Focus Journey, with 24 slots, allows me to keep going and get to the really good stuff, you can also rate yourself before and after, which makes it even more powerful. If you’re not sure where to go next, read — out-loud or to yourself — the statements you’ve written from the first through to the last to make the momentum stronger. After a few statements, you may already start to feel a great deal better and think that you’re done. If you’re driving and can’t write things down, then a mental focus wheel could be a good temporary solution. You may have to do a few more wheels on related threads but the topic you’ve cleared up is now clean and fertile.
My goal is to keep learning and spreading the knowledge and hopefully help raise the vibration on this planet. If it is a friend or partner or colleague who is frustrating or disappointing me, I start with what it is that is upsetting me about that person and then go with the opposite of that for the vortex statement. Do they have to be true or are they more like statements that I’m hoping will manifest through visualization and focusing? This reprograms your subconscious mind to focus on giving not receiving, if your focus is giving you will receive. What I meant was that I was able to eliminate a few unwanted physical issues I have experienced. I am so happy I found this tool and I am looking forward to use it from now on more a more. This could actually be an interesting part to adventure into a little deeper, and see if there is something we can come up that can give us more benefits from this process.
However I hate to whole building a website and writing copy as this would not be my strong point.

When the time is right, you just go for it and no one can stop you: things fall into place, a great web designer shows up, etc. I think getting serious and focusing on the Focus Wheel process will take me to the next level. When I found out just how effective it was, I even created an enhanced version (PDF attached below) that is even more powerful. But here’s what’s going to happen: the Law of Attraction will start delivering more thoughts or statements with similar or a higher vibration.
Being distracted by other people or by a ringing telephone just won’t have the same effect. The Law of Attraction will ride that momentum and provide you with more ideas of an even higher vibration.
But your mind can only hold four or five thoughts at a time so you won’t be able to reach all the good ideas that come at the end. The process is all about feeling better, shifting your point of attraction or getting into alignment with something you desire. Most people have at least one area that’s blossoming at or at least is doing well enough to feel good about. Read your wheel a couple of times to reinforce it and you’ll probably never have to read it again.
To get love you must give it, to get friendship you must it, to get money you must give it.
I have tried few in that way and I got shocked how those feelings where going down from high number to low numbers in just few minutes of the Focus Wheel. If the alignment is not there, you need to motivate yourself and that’s usually not a good sign.
As you continue, you will gather momentum, the statements will improve and rise, and you will suddenly have access to thoughts and ideas you couldn’t have considered before you started this focus wheel. It’s better to just take the time, find a quiet place with no distractions and do it properly. Focusing on giving is a prosperity (plenty) mindset, focusing on receiving is a lack (not enough) mindset. You want to be inspired (from within) which doesn’t sound like you are, so maybe look into that first. You have to work your way up to that point and that’s what the Focus Wheel helps you do.

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