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In this empowering and uplifting guided meditation with Esther Hicks, you’ll discover how to attract what you want by becoming a vibrational match to the qualities you seek. When you practice the thoughts of what you want, what you want comes to you by the laws of the universe. All you seek is already available to you once you are in vibrational alignment with source. By focusing on what you do want and seeing what you want, instead of focusing on lack or what you don’t want, you’ll begin to realize your power in having what you want.

Use this short meditation frequently each day to focus on and attract more of what you do want. This is an effective way to change your thoughts so that they are a vibrational match to all you desire.
Esther Hicks has been sharing messages and lessons from the wise consciousness known as Abraham for many years. Esther and her late husband offered seminars to help people understand and use the law of attraction.

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abrahamhicks alignment to source

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