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The Transkills Project works with academic staff and students to facilitate the transition of first year undergraduates from their previous learning experiences to study at university.
Through discipline-specific workshops and online resources, the project seeks to enable students to take full advantage of the educational opportunities provided during their first year. Learning to write in an academic style is an important skill to master if you want to achieve the highest grades at university. If you need to borrow resources from other libraries through the inter-loan library service request them as soon as possible, as delivery can sometimes take a few weeks. When you first start writing assessments it can be tempting to hide your arguments behind other people’s quotations. The purpose of your introduction is to introduce and place in context what will appear in the main body.

Reference as you go along and if you are cutting and pasting work make sure that you also cut and paste the referencing information. Review it against the marking criteria and make sure that you have included everything required to get you the mark that you are aiming for. The amount of information that you will need for a 1500 word essay will be vastly different to one that is 4,000 words. Avoid this; it should be your arguments supported or backed up by the work and words of other people. You will not be able to write an introduction if you don’t know what is going into the main body or what your arguments are.
It may seem strange as this is not the way that we usually speak or write, but it is one of the conventions of academic writing.

If you need help with locating resources contact your Academic Liaison Librarian; they will be able to assist you. Make sure that your work has an introduction, main body (this is where you develop your arguments) and a conclusion. This will help you to identify grammar mistakes such as using a comma instead of a full-stop.

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academic writing skills ielts test

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