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Activ8 Theatre will be responsible for directing your production from conception through to performance. My story with Lindsay Crouse is a long one; she is probably one of the actors I interviewed with whom I felt an uncanny connection.
I sent Lindsay the interview several times, as I did with all of the actors and directors involved in the project, to get her to sign off on it or make any changes she wished.
I sent Lindsay the next newly edited version of the interview minus most of the Mamet references. For more than a decade, the Clarence Brown Theatre’s Summer Acting Workshops have offered high school students intensive training in acting technique, voice, movement, improvisation, and musical theatre. Led by our Outreach and Education Coordinator and taught by our faculty and graduate students, these workshops expose students to the techniques and talents of an amazing array of working professionals. Along with a film degree (College of Santa Fe), Laura received certification in clinical hypnosis* in 2007 (HMI).
As a teacher my technique is as different and unique as each individual student who comes for my help. Performer's Edge Dallas offers customized voice lessons for all levels of expertise from ages 5 and older. A 10% discount will apply when multiple students from the same household enroll in monthly sessions. All students are expected to read and abide by the Performer's Edge Dallas Rules and Regulations. Class is comprised of prepared scenes, audition technique, monologues, hot readings, original work, improvisation, and exercises.
Actor, Humanist and Teacher of Dramatic Art, Shelley Mitchell offers serious training based on an exploration of the human spirit. The National Psychodrama Training Center offers Professional Psychodrama Training Workshops in many locations throughout the United States. Progressive acting training conducted by experienced teacher for aspiring and experienced actors. Whether your child is in Kindergarten or the12th grade, our philosophy remains "Theatre as a vehicle for personal development." BTC is a proud recipient of Best of Westchester and multiple National Youth Arts awards.
Actor Buddy Powell teaches weekly on-camera classes providing the skills necessary to pursue a career in television commercial performing.
Young Actor Scene Study Classes, Coaching, Private Lessons, Set Preparation, Consultations, Improv, and On-Camera Audition Technique for actors who play 25 and under.
1 Day Summer Workshops on Stanislavski, Stage combat & Audition techniques & sight reading. Award-Winning On-Camera Acting Classes, Casting Workshops, Agent Showcases, and Private Coaching in Los Angeles for Kids, Teens and Adults. Maria Gobetti & Tom Ormeny personally teach basic, intermediate and Masters classes is their beautiful theatre space. This fast-paced, fun class introduces the fundamentals of improv comedy through improvised scenes and theatre games.
If you are serious about making a living as a film actor, then don't spend 4 years in college. Beginning Shakespeare, Acting Techniques, Advanced Shakespeare I, Advanced Shakespeare II and Musical Theatre camps. Our acclaimed acting courses will give you the tools you need to become a more responsive, truthful and believable actor. Los Angeles Acting Studio is a boutique acting school that specializes in providing a safe environment for artists who truly want to learn about themselves and the craft.
Mime is not only a specialized form of physical theatre, but is essential training for all actors who wish to learn how to express character, thought, and emotion with the body, which is as important to acting as the voice. The PEM Perdekamp Emotional Method - developed by the German author and director Stephan Perdekamp - introduces a simple and reliable access to emotions, through its specialized use of Bioenergetics. A cold reading class that replicates the actual audition experience, designed to teach and solidify those specific skills that will consistently result in successful readings… but it’s also a straight-forward acting class, using audition technique as a platform. Learn classic improvisation techniques in a hands-on workshop from professionals who perform with The Stevie Ray’s Comedy Troupe. Whether you have the time to follow a weekly rehearsal schedule or want a production done in a short space of time Activ8 Theatre can help.

This involves a consultation regarding the kind of production desired, script advice and gaining the rights to perform, casting, taking rehearsals and ensuring the piece will be a performance to remember. For example: taking a casting workshop, putting together a realistic and effective rehearsal schedule, extra tuition for actors etc. Most people probably know Lindsay best from her work in Buffy, the Vampire Slayer when she played Professor Maggie Walsh, amongst many other appearances on television series.
It was one of the very first interviews I had done, and I idolized Harris since I was a little girl.
She was so thoughtful and intelligent and friendly – I knew I had hit a goldmine of acting information. It may not have been what she envisioned for herself as the Theatre World Award winner for her performance in Pinter’s The Homecoming. Each morning begins with a warm-up offering a variety of exercises in theatre games and improvisation.
Workshops in 2003 after several years as an agent with The Barbara Cameron Agency (1997-2002), and as an in-house audition coach for prior agencies in the Los Angeles area. In conjunction with what she learned from this in-depth program which included imagery and NLP, her extensive research on the power of the mind, creativity, and learning processes, Laura created three innovative methods for actors: The Actor's Cheat Sheet, Deep Visualization Techniques and 17 seconds. MY job as a teacher is not just to give you information or steps or rules, but to figure out how you think and come from your understanding to get you to your goals. We believe it is important to customize lessons for each individual student's specific needs. Learn more about Commedia dell'Arte and its characters, improve your improvisation, acrobatics, body expression and mask work skills. My courses offer a dynamic approach to acting, rooted in the principles developed by Sanford Meisner. BETH GEIGER and SUZANNE GUTIERREZ started GoGo so there was a place where actors could network, learn more about auditioning and not feel like just another face in the crowd.
Emphasis is on creating a rich, supportive environment for creativity, spontaneity, making strong choices and increasing confidence.
Get to Hollywood and learn your craft and build your Name value with your film and TV credits. Offering long and short term Meisner classes, advanced scene study, on camera audition technique, Skype classes, private coaching and more. Master teacher Andrew Benne teaches his innovative Hybrid Technique to actors of all levels. Tuition $295 (Visa & Master Card accepted) & on the day of pay $50 to the cameraman for all of your video footage taped that day. It will enable you to evoke emotions effortlessly, authentically, without having to draw on personal memories or negative experiences which can be damaging and emotionally draining. This is not a comedy class, but a step-by-step approach to learn skills that help actors with their craft. Successes include a production of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe with a local Brownie pack and Oliver Twist, rehearsed and performed in just seven days with leavers of a Surrey prep school. I was very gratified that she consented to the interview and invited me to her private sanctuary, but nervous about meeting one of the gods of my idolatry.The circumstances were a bit strange.
When I finally did, the first thing she told me was that I had to remove all the material about David Mamet (which was considerable – few pages remain in the interview,) because she was engaged in a bitter custody dispute for the two children, and Lindsay felt anything negative she said could be used against her in the hearings.
I was very close to publication by this time, and I needed to have her sign a release form in order for the interview to be published.
The best way I can put it is that she seemed deflated, like a flat tire, virtually affectless. Television is now the new go-to place for actors, as some of the best contemporary works are on the box. Classes in voice, movement, improvisation, character development and musical theatre techniques then follow — each taught by one or more instructors who specialize in that area. The Performer's Edge Dallas philosophy of learning is that a relaxed atmosphere in which a student feels free to experiment and make mistakes leads to the most productive and efficient learning.
We specialize in casting director intensives, where actors can start building relationships and learn from guests casting all major TV, film, and commercials. You will learn a perfect audition technique, work four times in every class on great scripts, learn to make exciting choices and get cast.

If you think you are doing everything right and still not getting callbacks, this is your answer.
Stevie Ray’s Improv Company has been offering training and entertainment for over 25 years.
When we first met in her home in Cambridge, Mass, Lindsay was in her early 40s, very enthusiastic and vivacious, and in the midst of a divorce with her soon-to-be ex, David Mamet.
First, she insisted on having a “witness,” someone who watched us as we spoke, a young, male friend. She was at a point in her life where she was thinking about giving up acting altogether, and teaching acting classes. If Dustin Hoffman and Nick Nolte can do it (in Luck starting in January 2012, directed by Michael Mann and written by David Milch of Deadwood fame,) so can other actors. Work in these classes then culminates in a final presentation for family and friends that features both individual and group work.
This agency launched the careers of then local talent Emile Hirsch (Speed Racer, Milk, Into the Wild) and Hank Harris (Popular, The Lion's Den). It was like being on stage with an audience with no possibility of intimacy, which is an absolute must for a decent interview. I want to re-do some of it.” Probably some sort of alarm should have gone off in my brain, but at that time, new to interviewing, I thought – how wonderful – someone who really wanted to speak about their profession in a deep and vivid way. To say that I was enraged is a huge understatement, not just because the interview was so good, but because I had built the book around her interview. Lindsay said she could never have conceived of being in the place she was now – raising two children (after refusing alimony from Mamet,) with very little work coming her way.
With over 10 years as an agent and 20 years teaching and directing children's theatre, Laura brings a unique and balanced perspective of both the business and creative sides of the industry to her students and their parents. Lindsay came from Broadway royalty – her father was Russel Crouse, who collaborated with Howard Lindsay (her namesake) on shows like Life With Father and Anything Goes.
I have to admit I was discombobulated by Harris’ home, which had at least 50 photos of Mother Teresa hanging on the walls. I practically kicked up my heels when I left after the second day, knowing I had more great information than I could ever use.
I wouldn’t, as an acting teacher, agree with everything she said, but everyone who has a mind changes it at some point, and she did. Lindsay had gone to Radcliffe and was the first woman to graduate with a diploma from Harvard University.
Lindsay had taken time out from a thriving career to go back to school, even though she’d already been nominated for an Academy Award.
The experience with Lindsay was one of many that caused me to stop doing interviews, even though I think the interview is one of the best I’ve done, thanks to her intelligence.
I wrote a long letter to her in which I tried to maintain some balance between the very real pleas of an author at the homestretch of an incredibly arduous process (and 6 years of my life,) – and a heavy dose of guilt-tripping. Peoples’ behavior is too unpredictable and sometimes, too difficult to deal with, over an intense 10 year period of traveling anywhere an actor could meet me.
Appealing to her educated self, I said she was messing with the intention and shape of the book, and if she did not want the interview to be used, she bloody well had 4 years to let me know about it. I can’t imagine how betrayed she must have felt when Mamet began a relationship with a much younger woman. She had been in some of my favorite films like East of Eden and Reflections in a Golden Eye, and if she had any insight into working on these films, she wasn’t going to share it with me, try as I might.
It was disheartening – she had been so confident and spirited, and now she was depressed by what life had thrown her.
I wish I had some of the skills as an interviewer that I developed later, when dealing with non-compliant interview subjects. But, I realized I had nothing of value or interest to work with, and the interview was trashed.

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