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March 23, 2015 by Mary Malcolm Pin Share229 Tweet Email WhatsAppBeing the new kid is tough. When I first brought my kittens home, my cat didn’t seem as keen to warn them about the dog(s).
December 31, 2015 by Nicole · Leave a Comment This year in our Mother Goose Time curriculum, we have done our circle time activities differently then we did last year. This has been really helpful to keep our circle time activities easy to store away when not in use, and super easy to pull it out when we need them.
While almost all of our things are stored on our morning board, I have decided to keep the monthly calendar on the wall in our dining room instead. On our color palate, the kids add a new color to the palate and we go over all of the colors we have learned together.
We go over the continents that are in the world, the boys really enjoy singing this song for the countries over on YouTube. We look outside to see what the weather is for the day and the boys decide together what they need to put up for our weather for the day. Every month we get a new calendar with the numbers with our shipment from MGT of course the calendar and numbers go along with whatever theme we are working on for the month. Each month we focus on a certain character trait and add them to our friendly bees on our morning board. Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, please read my disclosure policy for more information!!
Homeschool Planning For Our 6 Blessings Welcome to day 3 of the Back to Homeschool Hop where more than 70 bloggers are teaming up to share all kids of wonderful homeschooling advice! Arctic and Antarctic Unit Study Ideas We have started our Antarctic & Arctic Continent studies. Great Homeschool Organization and Storage Ideas It has been a couple years since we have shared what our homeschool room looks like. How Sensory Processing Disorder Affects Your Child Welcome to day 2 of our 5 days of Sensory Processing Disorder series!! Human Anatomy Circulatory System We worked on the Circulatory system the other day, we started by watching a short video on Discovery Education and then moved into our reading.
130+ Awesome South America Unit Study Ideas With how much of a hit my Antarctica Unit study ideas post was I thought it would be helpful to others to start sharing some of our other continent study ideas with other homeschoolers.
This group is dedicated to educating the student body around healthy eating, active lifestyle and positive social environment. Group of community minded students who wish to improve and develop relationships amongst the student body. Group of students interested in social development at the local, national and international level.

This will be a chance for students to practice and prepare themselves for math contests throughout the year. Improve your public speaking skills by learning how to argue persuasively in city-wide competitions.
The current activities regarding the research related to oil and gas in B&H refer to the area from Velika Kladusa to Neum, was confirmed in the Federal Ministry of Energy, Mining and Industry.
As it was found out, the companies from US, Canada, Australia and Turkey have expressed interest in the area of northern Bosnia, where oil and gas are likely to be found.
She emphasized that the first exploration wells can be expected by the end of the year 2016. The discovery of oil would be of great importance for B&H, especially if economically interesting sites would be found.
I absolutely love these videos and if you haven’t seen the whole series yet, you should go find it. This year we put our circle time activities onto a poster board, as this is what Mother Goose Time recommended. There are many times the boys want to know what day it is and it is much easier to have it close by to reference instead of pulling out the whole board.
We also review all of the other countries we have learned so far, and I have the boys take turns pointing to them on our world map.
We add them as leaves to our tree, and put the cardboard number we are learning about on our clothes pins as well. I will have the boys look for certain uppercase and lowercase letters in the grass while we are working on our morning time activities. We go over what the upper case letter looks like, and we also talk about things that start with that letter.
We post the topic poster on our morning board so the kids can see what we will be focusing on this is a fun circle time activities for the boys.
We talk about our monthly shape & colors and think of things that are that shape or color. Write the Letter Z and the word Zebra in capital and small letters with a large black and white Zebra picture.
Write the Letter P and the word Pizza in capital and small letters with a large delicious Pizza picture. Write the Letter O and the word Ostrich in capital and small letters with a large black fether Ostrich picture. Write the Letter N and the word Nail in capital and small letters with a gray Nail picture. Write the Letter M and the word Mushroom in capital and small letters with a large brown Mushroom picture.

Write the Letter L and the word Lion in capital and small letters with a large brown Lion picture. Write the Letter K and the word Kite in capital and small letters with a large colorful Kite picture. Write the Letter J and the word Jar in capital and small letters with a large orange Jar picture. Write the Letter I and the word Island in capital and small letters with a sandy Island picture. Write the Letter H and the word Heart in capital and small letters with a large red Heart picture. Write the Letter G and the word Guitar in capital and small letters with a large brown Guitar picture. Write the Letter F and the word Fish in capital and small letters with a large colorful Fish picture.
If you like to spell, or would like a chance to represent our school at the Shaw Invitation Spelling Bee, join the hive and prepare for the bee. In accordance with the procedure provided by the law, the estimation is that the contract could be signed by the end of 2015. The research of oil would be important for the training of professional staff in the field of geology and mining. Every day we add the new number to the calendar, count up to whatever number day it is, guess what comes next, and discuss the months pattern. Following the signing of the concession contract is the preparation of the Research project that is to be verified by the Federal Ministry of Energy, Mining and Industry”, said Samra Kadribegovic, the Head of the Cabinet at the Federal Ministry of Energy, Mining and Industry. Moreover, in case of finding economically interesting oil and gas reservoirs, the construction of infrastructure facilities will start (gas pipelines, oil pipelines, terminals), which will have an impact on increase of employment, thus the safe supply of the market of the FB&H with this important energy resource will be enabled. Stambol pays great attention to detail in order to make the garments a perfect wearable work of art. We also sing our months of the year song, which is a great way to learn the months of the year with kids. To learn more about us or for some ideas on where to start head over to our about me page for more information.

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