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Below is a list of professionals who are members of ADD Consults and who listed themselves on the ADD Consults Referral system.
We have not verified their background, experience or other statements and urge you to do so before retaining the services of any professionals. By using the ADD Consults Referral Service, you agree to hold ADD Consults harmless from any and all claims which may arise as a result of your using the information provided. Our "delayed" food allergy test is unique in that it tests for hidden food allergies which can cause nervous system distress hours after a food is eaten. Whether they are mail handling, bill paying, identity issues or setting up easy to use filing systems, we can help you stop piling & start filing.

Public workshops and on site training: "Turning To-Do's 2 Done", and "Introducing the 25 hour day!". Are you dealing with the challenges of living in transition due to a growing family, injury, downsizing, divorce or death of a spouse?
Allen Winebarger, two fully licensed clinical psychologists, PWPC provides high quality clinical services, self-help books, self-help materials, and consulting services to interested individuals, families and businesses. I also have discovered and developed the only natural supplement that truly rivals the stimulants.
We provide a comprehensive medical evaluations, psychopharmacology, psychotherapy, coaching, groups, advocacy, and testing.

The Affinity Center is a multi-disciplinary, state of the art treament center for individuals with ADD and associated learning and mood disorders, celebrating their eleventh year.
We have some evidenced based treatment modalities that get great results without medications. Junior and secondary boarding school, independent day school, special needs and therapeutic placement, post graduate, college and graduate school advisory services.

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adhd coaching in cincinnati

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