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I just feel I can’t do anything right in life.  I struggle with relationships at home and at work.  Why me?
I offer a complimentary strategy session for us to determine how coaching can help you and which knowledge and skills are most applicable to your situation.
I help college-aged students and adults with ADHD to understand and maximize their strengths so that they can lead a more successful and happier life.
We are quick and spontaneous, often living in flow rather than in the artificial structure of minutes and hours.
We make intuitive leaps and connections that make for very interesting ideas and projects to work on within coaching. We are usually very bright and interested in many things so we can be fascinating to talk with.
We can concentrate intensely on things we care about and we usually work well to deadlines that we’ve committed to.
My passion comes from my own ADHD and the understanding I have gained over a lifetime.  I am committed to your leading a successful life!  Your success is my success. Click the image above to take the Personal ADHD Assessment and find out more about how ADHD affects you.

Here’s a quick summary of three research studies that examined mindfulness training for ADHD – take a look to see the benefits they discovered. The research findings are followed by some mindfulness tips and resources you can use today! A 2008 study found teens and adults trained in mindfulness experienced decreased ADHD symptoms, anxiety and depression and improved performance on tests of attention, memory and reasoning (Zylowska et al., 2008). Other research has examined mindfulness training for young people with ADHD and learning disabilities, finding benefits as well. Research clearly demonstrates benefits of mindfulness training for management of ADHD symptoms! 1) Here’s a quick exercise you can use any time to increase your mindful awareness in the moment. 2) For a number of free mindfulness meditations you can try, check out the UCLA Mindfulness Awareness Research Center’s website – some meditations take as little as three minutes to listen to. Simply put, mindfulness is non-judgmental awareness of your present moment sensations, thoughts, and feelings. As an interesting side-note, greater improvement in symptoms occurred in individuals treated with methylphenidate (stimulant) (Edel et al., 2014).

It’s called the STOP practice and is very useful whenever you might find your mind spinning or when you are feeling a bit out of control.
Information about a nine- session tele-class I offer on mindfulness and ADHD can be found here: Mindfulness for ADHD Sign up now to be notified of the next class series and develop your own ability to use mindfulness strategies to manage your ADHD! And, did you know that research shows that mindfulness is also beneficial for managing ADHD?
Mindfulness can be as simple as pausing to pay close attention for a moment to what you are sensing, thinking and feeling. A comparison of mindfulness-based group training and skills group training in adults with ADHD.  Journal of Attention Disorders (published online before print). People experienced with mindfulness find it can help with ADHD symptoms, emotional reactivity, and stress management. A pilot trial of mindfulness meditation training for ADHD in adulthood: Impact on core symptoms, executive functioning, and emotional dysregulation.

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