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I just feel I can’t do anything right in life.  I struggle with relationships at home and at work.  Why me? I offer a complimentary strategy session for us to determine how coaching can help you and which knowledge and skills are most applicable to your situation.
I help college-aged students and adults with ADHD to understand and maximize their strengths so that they can lead a more successful and happier life.
We are quick and spontaneous, often living in flow rather than in the artificial structure of minutes and hours.
We make intuitive leaps and connections that make for very interesting ideas and projects to work on within coaching.
We are usually very bright and interested in many things so we can be fascinating to talk with.
We can concentrate intensely on things we care about and we usually work well to deadlines that we’ve committed to.
My passion comes from my own ADHD and the understanding I have gained over a lifetime.  I am committed to your leading a successful life!  Your success is my success.
Click the image above to take the Personal ADHD Assessment and find out more about how ADHD affects you. En annan service ar att inkludera bokbord med facklitteratur pa er konferens,forelasning eller utbildningsdag. Our mission is to attract health care professionals who are interested in getting into considerable detail of each of the ADHD topics presented and dedicated to supporting significant improvements and changes in the lives of people with ADHD.
Professionell ADHD Coaching som en del i verksamma multimodala behandlingsmetoder ar nagot jag engagerar mig i och jag vill verka for att ADHD Coaching ska finnas som ett komplement till befintliga behandlingmetoder som bekostas av samhallet.

Objective: This is perhaps the first outcome study on the efficacy of ADHD coaching for adults with ADHD and its long-term effect.
Detta ar kanske den forsta resultatsstudien om effekten av ADHD coaching for vuxna med ADHD och dess langsiktiga effekter. Metod: Fyrtiofem vuxna (30 kvinnor, 15 man) rankade 22 problemomraden fore och efter coaching erfarenhet. Den 14-20 Oktober ar det ADHD Awareness Week 2012.En vecka som aterkommer vart ar och satter ljuset pa ADHD. Plotsligt har ADHD hamnat mitt i rampljuset.Den olympiska arenan har riktat sina starka stralkastare mot nagra fantastiska olympier med ADHD och deras otroliga idrottsprestationer. De har tre fantastiska atleterna och forebilderna har fatt allmanheten att bli mer mottagliga for information och kunskap om ADHD.De bidrar stort till att stigmatisering kring diagnosen minskar och forstaelsen okar.
Jag kommer snart att aterkomma till amnet om ADHD prestationer,egenskaper, motivation bl.a Stora amnen som tas upp i Guldmedaljorer och Entreprenorer. Jag kommer att skriva om ADHD och nar jag gor det sa baserar jag det jag skriver pa fakta eller erfarenhet. Dar ej annat ar angivet, ar innehallet pa denna webbplats licensierat enligt Creative Commons-licens.
The nations leading non-profit organization serving individuals with ADHD and their families, with over 200 local chapters throughout the US. NAMI is the nations largest nonprofit, mental health education, advocacy and support organization.
The mission of NIMH is to transform the understanding and treatment of mental illnesses through basic and clinical research, paving the way for prevention, recovery, and cure.

LDA provides support for people with learning disabilities, their parents, teachers and other professionals.
Core purpose is to support and advance the coaching profession through programs and standards supported by our members and to be an authoritative source on coaching information and research for the public. The mission and vision of the Edge Foundation is to give each student a coach, regardless of their economic circumstances, and especially those who are at-risk of dropping out of school — specifically, non-traditional learners with Executive Functioning challenges, ADHD being the most severe — so that they can complete their education, realize their full potential and pursue their passion. Method: Forty-five adults (30 women, 15 men) rated 22 areas of concern before and after the coaching experience. In addition, there are many significant correlations between factors at similar times and factors at different time periods that provide preliminary research support for the efficacy of ADHD coaching.
Dessutom finns det manga signifikanta korrelationer mellan faktorer vid samma tid och faktorer pa olika tidsperioder som ger preliminart forskningsstod for effekten av ADHD coaching.
For min del borjade den valdigt bra med en konferens for yrkesverksamma i  region Skane.Hem och ladda batterierna, pumpa dacken och dra vidare mot Sundsvall  och nasta konferens. Situated a few minutes walk from Malmo Central Station and only 30 minutes by train from Copenhagen international Airport. Repeated measures two-way analysis of variance was used to determine the effects of ADHD coaching alone as well as the combined effect with therapy or stimulants. Upprepade matningar tva-vags variansanalys anvandes for att bestamma effekterna av ADHD coaching saval ensam som den kombinerade effekten med terapi eller stimulantia.

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