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During a working visit to the capital of Tatarstan, President Dmitry Medvedev had a good time tasting local cuisine, forging souvenirs and dancing at a rock concert. Medvedev traveled to Kazan on Saturday to hold a joint meeting of the Presidential Council on Development of Physical Culture and Sports and the Fund for Support of Olympians in Russia. G8 leaders have asked Russia to mediate a cease-fire in the Libyan conflict, the Russian president's press secretary said after the first day of the summit in the French town of Deauville. Russian President said that it is still early to announce whether he will take part in the 2012 presidential race. The Moscow parade was largest-scale in Russian modern history, with a march of about 20,000 troops. Vladimir Putin’s devotion to judo and skiing are already known among Russians, but this time the Prime Minister slipped on his skates to train with some teenage members of a Moscow ice hockey team. In the 40-minute session, Putin found the net several times, and set up a few goals for others. The supermen from Hollywood films seem to have sprung from the screen to Russia’s streets, with at least five superheroes surfacing in a number of provincial Russian cities in the last month. In mid-March, several young men from the city of Chelyabinsk in the Russian Urals, filmed a man patrolling the streets late at night. I founded NEAT & SIMPLE LIVING™ in 2005 and to help people transform their lives and experience the life-changing positive energy, stress relief, self-confidence and self-esteem that comes from discovering they CAN get reasonably organized! I combine my coaching services with learning programs because, contrary to what many people believe, you actually can learn to enjoy organizing - no matter how much you hate it now.
Learning in a safe group environment with people going through the same challenges enhances and accelerates learning. Because traditional complex organizing methods never worked well for me, I had to figure out how to organize for my creative personality style - using extremely simple and creative approaches to DESIGNING custom solutions. I was able to change my attitude toward organizing, my habits and move forward to create the life I always dreamed of.
My greatest reward is helping people go from feeling overwhelmed and defeated to feeling confident and empowered - like they can let go of clutter, organize anything AND maintain it! Because being organized allows you to live your life the way you choose to - not as a slave to your stuff and to other people's priorities and expectations!
Letting go of clutter and becoming more organized DRAMATICALLY lowers stress and improves your physical, mental and emotional health! One of the great myths about being organized is that you have to be perfectly tidy all the time.

If you don't buy containers with a specific purpose in mind, they just become more clutter.
AVOID SPECIALIZED UNITASKING CONTAINERS: When buying containers, the less specialized they are, the more likely you'll be able to re-purpose them when your needs change - and your needs WILL change. Neat & Simple Living is about YOU finding ease with the process of figuring out your priorities, utilizing your space, storing your stuff, and making confident decisions about what you want to do with your time and your life.
It's about being PROACTIVE and not just REACTIVE to all the stuff and noise out there competing for your attention and your money.
Neat & Simple Living is about truly understanding your needs and style before choosing organizing solutions.
Sometimes what holds people back from becoming more organized is that they aren't truly clear about what they actually need to suit their unique brain style and personality traits. We start with developing an understanding of your needs and empower you to choose the right organizing solutions for you. Before you do anything else, if you resonate with my message so far I suggest getting on my mailing list so that you will start receiving occasional emails from me with free articles, classes, and other resources I make available. My mission is to facilitate painless change, build your self-confidence, decrease stress, and make a positive difference in your life. Many people waste 1-3 hours a day searching for things because of disorganization and clutter. Being disorganized and having lots of clutter costs families an average of 10-15% of their income and even more! Getting rid of excess clutter would eliminate 40 percent of housework in the average home. Russia actually came to the meeting aiming to try to influence G8 leaders on what is happening in Libya. Events of commemoration and celebration took place across the country, including a traditional grand military parade on Red Square. The grand event was preceded by three night parade rehearsals and also a general rehearsal on Red Square.
This year, on April 24 the Christian world is celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ after his crucifixion. Agile Life Design™ helps you cultivate your personal agility with organizing and discover how to organize in way that FITS you.
Organizing is a set of skills and concepts you CAN learn - but you can't learn them by having others do it for you.

It works so well I generally only work one-on-one with people who participate in my small group learning experiences. Once you are good at designing your own organizing solutions to fit you, I promise you will enjoy doing it! Today, organizing and clutter clearing is my number one go-to strategy for relieving stress - no longer is organizing and clutter-releasing the source of my stress..
Just being reasonably organized enhances your self-confidence, self-respect, and overall well being.
Effective organization allows you to have more time and energy for the things that matter most to you, like spending time with family, pursuing hobbies, eating healthy, exercising or just hanging out with friends.
Once you are clear about where you want to be and what's been holding you back, you will have more motivation and drive to overcome the obstacles.
In my experience, clients don't always need to buy more storage containers, they just have to use what they already have effectively.. It is very difficult to see yourself objectively - especially if you wish you had different personality traits, or don't like yourself the way you are. You will gain insights into what's really underlying the emotional and physical clutter and disorganization in your environment.
The Russian president added that when he makes the final decision, he will let the country know.
On Saturday evening, a plane carrying a lamp with a flame of Holy Fire from Jerusalem landed in Moscow’s Vnukovo airport, where believers and Russian Orthodox Church clergy officials had gathered to see its arrival.
I had to learn on my own over many years to change the way I relate to my things so I could release clutter to make room for the future I truly wanted.
If you need storage, I'll help you learn how to decide what is the right storage for your organizing needs AND organizing style.
But if you are committed to changing your life, and are ready to learn and try new ways of doing things - we can help you succeed!
You WILL become increasingly clearer about your goals and priorities, able to make difficult decisions much more easily, and make your vision a reality. So we need to use unconventional organizing and time management systems and stop trying to fit ourselves into systems that will never work for those of us who are ultra-creative and have ADD or ADD-like traits.

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