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The MBA at UCLan allows you to study for one of the most respected business management qualification via an intensive 12 month postgraduate course at the School of Business. The MBA course is specifically designed for those wishing either to establish or sustain a successful managerial or professional career in business. A recognised university undergraduate honours degree, with at least a Lower Second Class Classification, or a professional qualification deemed to be equivalent, a minimum of two years’ work experience is desirable, but not essential.
For international students, in addition to meeting the above minimum entry requirements the University require a score of at least 6.5 in the British Council IELTS test. During two semesters you will be able to gain a thorough grounding in the key aspects of business management. Please contact Course Enquiries with any queries regarding postgraduate study and research. You will be taught by highly experienced and qualified tutors and will complete an MBA dissertation. Apply the latest thinking on business management to the analysis of the key problems being experienced by the world's major businesses. Possess a thorough understanding of the main business functions of marketing, human resource management, accounting and finance and operations management. Undertake your own postgraduate research work into a topic within the field of business management that has interest and relevance to your future career. And finally, to critically review your work experience to date in the light of contemporary knowledge and understanding of business and management.
The University is located on a compact campus near the centre of the busy city of Preston in the northwest of England. The Business School's state-of-the-art Greenbank and Brook buildings offer a comprehensive range of study, learning and social facilities including a postgraduate study room, cybercafe and easy access PC workstation rooms. The Library and Learning Resource Service (LLRS) provides a library of books, journals, and other media as well as study facilities, including bookable rooms for group use. Within each module the assessment methods are designed to contribute to your continuing development - giving feedback on a regular basis, identifying opportunities for improvement, and providing periodic evaluations of progress. New York Medical Career Training Center offers inclusive medical office administration training courses to train medical and non-medical graduates for the managerial and administrative activities performed in the health care centers.
Our medical office administration courses will help students in gaining both technical and conceptual knowledge in management concepts, and analytical skills which will help them in performing their duties and responsibilities with perfection. Our part-time MBA is designed for those working in a wide variety of managerial, technical and professional roles. This leading qualification will provide a rigorous and challenging postgraduate business and management education, where you will develop alongside other experienced managers and business professionals. Those individuals who already possess a postgraduate general management diploma, such as the Diploma in Management Studies (DMS), and can satisfy the general admissions criterion of ability to benefit, may be able to join the MBA in Year 3. A recognised university undergraduate honours degree, with at least a Lower Second Class classification, or a professional qualification deemed to be equivalent and a minimum of three years relevant and appropriate work experience.
The modules in Year 1 develop knowledge in some of the main functional areas of business as well as considering the concept of management in contemporary organizations and society. The modules in Year 2 allow you to focus on your own learning as well as developing skills in research. In Year 3, you have the opportunity to research, in-depth, a particular management issue and put into practice the research skills developed in years one and two of the programme. To provide you with the opportunity to develop your critical understanding of business and management and its constituent processes from both a theoretical and practical perspective. To provide you with a learning experience which will enable you to enhance your career potential, personal and professional effectiveness, and performance in employment in the field of business and management in a wide range of organisations. The Business School's state-of-the-art Greenbank and Brook buildings are in middle of the campus offering a comprehensive range of study, learning and social facilities including a cybercafe and easy access PC workstation rooms. Lancashire Business School provides a stimulating environment where students are given the opportunity to enhance and develop their potential for a career in business and management.
In year two of the programme, students work on a live consultancy project with a local organisation in order diagnose a business problem and provide appropriate solutions.
On successful completion of the MBA students can progress to the Doctor of Business administration or other doctoral level programmes.

The DBA is specifically designed for experienced practitioners in business, industry and the professions, who are seeking to engage in a part-time research-orientated programme of postgraduate study leading to the award of a professional doctorate. For candidates whose first language is not English, they should provide evidence that either they possess an overall IELTS score of at least 6.5 (or an equivalent English language qualification recognised by the University) or evidence that their Masters degree was conducted entirely in English such as a sample assignment or chapter from the dissertation. As a professional doctorate, the DBA consists of two Stages: Stage 1 a taught programme taken on a part-time basis over a two year period, followed by Stage 2, a research programme which you should aim to complete in a further two year period of part-time study although the maximum period of study is 7 years. Stage 1 DBA Taught Programme consists of six taught modules, each being completed through a four day intensive workshop plus a period of private study both before and after the workshop. Stage 2 DBA Research Programme - as part of the development process of your DBA project, you will have worked with the DBA staff to agree a suitable supervisory team, including a Director of Studies.
The DBA will run on the Preston Campus of the University and is based within Lancashire Business School. Assessment in Stage 1 will consist of individual assignments rather than formal examinations. Join the South Park boys on Japan's most ridiculous, humiliating, and totally twisted game show! Jump, jump, jump to the top, top, top with Doodle Jump, the #1 smartphone game of all time! South Park 10South Park 10: The Game is based on some of the most memorable moments from the first 10 seasons. MTV Star FactoryCreate the idols of tomorrow with MTV Star Factory, the game that lets you be the music mogul! Tiki Towers 2Swing into action with an all-new set of primate puzzles in the fantastic sequel to the award-winning hit.
I would like to thank all staff at MediTrain for providing such an exceptional course for those wishing to pursue a career in the pharmacy industry. I congratulate you and your staff on a well run business, with highly qualified, yet friendly staff that would go above and beyond to help if needed. MediTrain is a Registered Training Organisation situated in Perth, specialising in Medical Reception and Pharmacy Assistant training.
Those who have already worked for at least two years in a managerial, technical or professional role may also wish to enhance their career prospects through MBA study. A score of 600-650 in the TOEFL paper-based test supported by a pass in the associated Test of Written English may also be acceptable; alternatively a score of at least 250 on the TOEFL computer-based test is acceptable. Preston is a major administrative and commercial centre which benefits from good road and rail links to the rest of the country. The LLRS also provides access to electronic journals and electronic information services, via the University's PC network, while document delivery services make it possible to get hold of published texts which are not in our collections.
Students learn to apply rules of medical record coding systems, creating and using a word processing document, type data into a computer, identify various methods for determining patient fees, complete a written itemized billing statement.
It is demanding three year part-time management course, which will help you develop into an effective manager or professional working in a business management context.
This advanced standing facility has proved an invaluable stepping stone to those DMS holders who wish to extend their programme of studies to Masters level. Preston is a major administrative and commercial centre, which benefits from good road and rail links to the rest of the country. The course team for the MBA have a reputation for offering a supportive environment in which to learn while at the same time, encouraging students to challenge their ways of thinking about the concept and practice of management. Some have opted for a change of career and have gone on to teaching in further and higher education.
The DBA is regarded as being the same status as the more commonly known PhD and permits you to use the title of ‘Dr.’ upon satisfactory completion. During Stage 1 you will develop critical and reflective skills at doctoral level, through the requirement to think conceptually, apply critical thinking, and reasoning skills and to challenge orthodoxy relating to the body of knowledge and research relating to Management and Organisation. This team will work with you throughout Stage 2 helping you to design and implement your own particular DBA project. Stage 1 consists of a two year taught programme with tuition provided in 3 x 4 day blocks per year.
Once you have passed all of the taught modules and have had your DBA project proposal approved, you then progress on to Stage 2 of the DBA.

Courses provided by other leading educational institutions are solely the responsibility of those institutions.
Swipe your finger across the screen to slash them!ADMINISTRATION MANAGEMENT COURSES Short courses online healthbusiness administration and management diploma programsjan , such.
Our Medical Receptionist course or Pharmacy Assistant course in Perth will give you the advanced set of skills needed to enjoy a rewarding career at the heart of your community as part of the health care industry.
It was the best decision I made as I started working immediately for a Podiatry clinic in Warwick. I am very happy with my studies at this stage and believe your course has set me on the right path to employment on graduation. We have assisted thousands of students to gain essential skills to meet the requirements of industry standards.
Our reputation for grooming excellent healthcare professionals for the industry means that you will be a valuable asset to any employer.
Student learns to use different Office Equipment like Computers, Fax Machine, and Adding Machines etc.
Critical evaluation underpins the modules which, in turn, feeds into reflection and self-development.
Action learning is incorporated within the study sessions and is an important and distinctive feature of our DBA.
This will normally take two years working on a part-time basis although you may choose to work at a pace that requires more time and you may therefore take up to five years.
Students have full access to the library and information resources of the University throughout the DBA and in addition may use all social, cultural and sports facilities of the University. AIU shares no responsibility in the content or creation, nor does this listing imply any relationship unless stated.
Online healthbusiness administration and management administration management skills attitudes. I intend travelling around Australia and can now use my qualification to gain employment in other areas of the medical profession wherever my campervan leads me! I would not hesitate to recommend this course to anyone wanting to enter the medical reception field. We provide you with the highest levels of quality training, so as to give you an excellent understanding of what is required to obtain employment within all areas of the healthcare industry.
Our courses will not only give you a head start in your new career but we aim to set you on a career pathway in the health care industry that will take you as far as you want to go.
You will work in sets or small development groups with fellow participants throughout the Programme and also develop your skills as a critical and reflective learner. Students will learn to make appointments and reminders, entering and storing diagnosis codes and filing information. Upon completion of the Certificate I in Community Pharmacy, I now have pharmacy employment in Perth and feel more confident with the knowledge and skills I am able to put to good use. We have courses in multiple locations in Perth, running on many days of the week for your convenience. Bachelors in business administrationadministrative management administration and management diploma programsjan . Administrationadministrative management courses such as fordevelop administrative management.
Administration course benefits of our business management skills Professionals, as a wide range. Online healthbusiness administration degrees health management administration course benefits.

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