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The first stage to begin to develop self advocacy skills is for the child to be able to recognize that he or she exhibits weaknesses or deficits with particular skill sets. The ultimate goal of childhood is to develop independence and skills necessary to live in society. In an effort to show our appreciation for our community, we donated Thanksgiving meals to some of our patients and their families. Eat Breakfast- Avoiding the calories in the morning and saving them for later can cause you to over eat. Load up on Veggies- Vegetables will help fill you up faster and might save you a second trip to the dessert table.
Go Easy on the Alcohol- Alcohol, and other high calorie beverages, contribute to weight gain and provide no hunger satisfaction.
Valley Healthcare System is dedicated to helping answer your questions about ADHD and exploring treatment options.
Encouraging employees to connect with their primary care physician is one of USI’s key pillars in our approach to population health management. Under the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), non-grandfathered group health plans must provide certain no-cost-share, in-network preventive services and benefits. Despite research that shows colorectal cancer screening tests save lives, screening rates remain low.
Use insurance premium differentials, health savings account deposits or gift cards to incentivize employees (and their spouses) to complete a preventive medical visit or annual physical with their primary care provider, including the recommended biometric screenings for blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose. Distribute carrier documents that focus on selecting a physician, how to make the most of physician appointments, the importance of maintaining a health record, etc. Schedule a nurse practitioner or physician assistant to explain a routine physical, what to expect at a physical and how to prepare for it. Make a difference for kids: Spread the word about strategies for preventing childhood obesity and encourage communities, organizations, families, and individuals to get involved.
We can all use this month to raise awareness about the obesity epidemic and show people how they can take steps toward a solution. Encourage families to make small changes, like keeping fresh fruit within reach or going on a family walk after dinner. Ask doctors and nurses to be leaders in their communities by supporting programs to prevent childhood obesity. Host a community event where families can be active while learning about local health resources.
Become a partner of We Can!, a national movement to help children ages 8 to 13 stay at a healthy weight. National Immunization Awareness Month is a great time to promote vaccines and remind family, friends, and coworkers to stay up to date on their shots.
We can all use this month to raise awareness about vaccines and share strategies to increase immunization rates with our community.

Invite a doctor or nurse to speak to parents about why it’s important for all kids to get vaccinated.
Valley Healthcare System, Inc. is  part of a week long campaign (August 9-15) to raise awareness about the mission and accomplishments of America’s Health Centers. One of the bright spots in America’s healthcare system, health centers started 50 years ago as a pilot project during President Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty.
Health centers are also increasingly becoming the trusted provider of choice for many families – and over nearly 300,000 veterans.  Evidence shows patients choose health centers because they are convenient, affordable, and offer a range of services from a team of caring professionals. Every day in our waiting rooms, we witness the value of having a patient-centered healthcare home. When people have a place to go for regular care, they use it and stay healthier.
The Valley Healthcare System Medical Team, hosted a Sports Physical Bash this summer celebrating with Students as they prepare to participate in School Sports.
The Back to School Sports Physicals day was such a success that Valley Healthcare is considering expanding the event invitation to Harris and Talbot Counties, as well as Lee and Russell counties in Alabama. The doctor may even have some good training tips and be able to give athletes some ideas for avoiding injuries; for instance, recommending specific exercises, like certain stretching or strengthening activities, that help prevent injuries.
Valley Healthcare System locations are recognized at the highest level Patient Center Medical Home by the National Committee for Quality Assurance. Greg StasiAttention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a neurological condition associated with under activation of the frontal lobe. Explain to the child (in child friendly terms) what it means to lack organization skills, have difficulty planning, and struggle with time management.
One of the most important skills to develop is self-advocacy; to be able to identify that one has a problem and also to know when to seek others out for help and guidance. If you need to sign up for insurance, please call and schedule an appointment with one of our knowledgeable and friendly Navigators. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is dedicated to monitoring and spreading awareness of toy safety, recalls, and preventative tips. Seen below are Valley Healthcare System employees, Diana and Taylor, preparing to deliver the meals.
It can be difficult to participate in the feasts while maintaining a healthy eating lifestyle. With providers who specialize in Family Practice, Behavioral Health, Pediatrics, and more, we are fully prepared to meet the needs of you and your family. This means there are no cost barriers to participants receiving certain age- and gender-recommended preventive care. Childhood obesity puts kids at risk for health problems that were once seen only in adults, like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease.
To stay protected against serious illnesses like the flu, measles, and pneumonia, adults need to get their shots – just like kids do.
We provide a range of services onsite – primary care services, pediatrics, pharmacy, dentistry, even mental health services.

The Family Practice, Women’s Health, Pediatric, and Vision Departments joined to offer Sport Physicals to students.
Spencer High School, we would like thank you and Valley Healthcare for your dedication to support the community.
For example, a doctor with a patient who has frequent asthma attacks but is a starting forward in soccer, might be able to adjust the dosage or medication in their inhaler for easier breathing during running. Communities, health professionals, and families can work together to create opportunities for kids to eat healthier and get more active. Our patients not only get the care they need under one roof, but they are treated as individuals, with dignity and respect. Once the list is created, have the child number them in order from the biggest problem to the smallest problem. These children have difficulty initiating action on tasks, organizing materials appropriately, managing time effectively, etc. Self advocacy skills are developed by the child being able to develop the solution to the problems through Socratic dialogue with parent and not by parent simply providing a list of what needs to be done (e.g., what do you have to do first? These are all skills that can be developed and improved; however, they are also areas that need be accommodated in order for the child to perform to his or her ultimate potential. Once the child identifies that there is a problem he or she can then work on solving the problem. Stasi has worked and studied at numerous medical centers including: The University of Chicago Medical Center and the University of Minnesota Medical Center.
Many articles and blogs (link to my past blogs on EF) have been published regarding teaching executive functioning skills. This process is time consuming and will create headaches for many parents on a daily basis.
There is also ample work out that there that provides accommodations that teachers may utilize in the classroom setting.
However, if you ultimately want the child to develop the skill set, he or she must develop the solutions. We can teach the child the skills, we can accommodate the child; however, if the child is not a self advocate than it is all for naught. After the first problematic behavior is tackled, the parents and child should then target the second one on the list in a similar manner. There are many strategies and devices (use of timers, checklists, etc) that are way too exhaustive to be explained in this blog that are wonderful tools to help with task completion; however, the first step is for the child to identify that he or she needs help.

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