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The role of a healthcare practitioner often expands beyond the medical realm; an educator, a psychological support, a motivator, and an advocate.
Sensational Brain LLC is an AOTA Approved Provider of continuing education.  AOTA does not endorse specific course content, products, or clinical procedures. The speaker does receive payment for each webinar purchased but does not have any other financial or non-financial interest in the presentation. While working within these different roles, the practitioner easily discovers the overlap between the medical and legal fields, expanding from standards of care to best treatment for patients.
Recognize the basic principles of the laws that determine a client’s rights, entitlements and protections, and the general procedures for how to secure these elements.

Delineate methods for interpreting the law as it applies to specific clients and effectively provide client education of the interpretation. Distinguish between documentation that justifies the need for services and inadequate documentation, and identify strategies for effective advocacy when addressing denial of a client’s rights, entitlements and protections. It is through these experiences that one discovers that the medical is only one lens through which to attack a problem.
She is a legal advocate for patients regarding insurance denials, social security claims, IEPs, etc. This one and one half hour webinar will provide a synopsis of the most common laws involved in client advocacy as well as insurance denial and appeal guidelines.

Additionally, it will provide tools for learning the varying application processes for client entitlements and strategies for adherence to guidelines from the initial application to maximize the potential for approval.
Finally, participants will learn how to determine what services reach beyond entitlement and fair coverage for a specific client based on medical necessity by addressing the management of over-reaching requests of clients.

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advocacy training webinars

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