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This entry was posted in happiness, Mommy blog, self care and tagged happiness, happy, mommy self care. An incredible book I am reading for school called Mindset by Carol DWeck has changed my perspective and attitude of how I think of myself, my failures, my successes, my challenges and blessings in life.
Marissa I am glad to here you are wanting to change your thinking and taking the time to read about it.
I’ve always believed in and been a fan of positive affirmations; however I had never really consciously utilized them as an ongoing tool and strategy for my own personal development. Below, I’m going to share with you the most useful positive affirmations for creating positive and lasting change in your life. Ok, so that’s all well and good, but this still doesn’t really get to the juice of what positive affirmations are. In essence, positive affirmations are positively-framed statements that are spoken in present tense about who you want to be.
By verbalizing this phrase, consciously thinking about and repeating it to myself regularly I will ultimately start to believe it be true – that I actually am a fast learner on good money management.
When I start to actually believe that I am a fast learner on good money management I then take action towards becoming a good money manager. The thing is, when you BE who you are and get the RESULTS you like or expected, it then REINFORCES your beliefs.
For example, if you believe that you are good with children, you will think and feel that you are, you will then be more comfortable around children and behave better with them, you will then get better results (smiling, laughter, hugs, productivity) which in-turn reinforces your belief that you’re good with children. As a result, you will probably seek out opportunities to be with children more often because you know you are good with them, it makes you feel good and you get some great rewards (including psychological). Effectively, we’re changing our thinking and our beliefs, which, in turn, will create behavioural change and improved results.
All of your thoughts, feelings, experiences and results throughout your whole life have led you to believe certain things to be true. However, there is a specific technique to saying positive affirmations that will help you get the results you desire. Positive affirmations are not something that you simply say once off and expect to see massive improvements.
If you want to build confidence, saying to yourself “I am confident” once won’t create any lasting change.

Therefore it’s important that you commit to making positive affirmations part of your everyday routine.
As part of your morning routine, say some positive affirmations to get your mindset and belief system working for you each day. For example, in the morning when I first wake up I lie in bed, take 3 deep breaths, visualise the day I have planned for myself and say the positive affirmation “Today I am going to be super-productive”. By saying positive affirmations as part of your morning routine you can be certain that you’ll be saying them regularly and it will be much more likely to become a habit. If there is a regular activity that you do in your life on a daily basis then you can “habit stack” saying your positive affirmations.
Again, using these regular moments will help you create the habit of saying these positive affirmations and over time they will become natural and you’ll think of them outside of these regular moments. Perhaps there are activities that you only do on certain days or perhaps it’s less frequent such as once a week or once a fortnight.
Just before each of these activities, you can say 1 to 3 affirmations that will reinforce the belief that you are creating.
For example, if I’m about to present a workshop I would say to myself “I love facilitating. Perhaps it’s your boss that comes and tells you that she needs a report completed and sent to her within the next 2 hours and you know you’re already struggling for time. In these situations you can quickly turn to a positive affirmation to help you get in the right mindset. For example, if your boss asks for a report due immediately that you can’t say no to, you might say “I am a great problem-solver, I think outside the box” or “I love these challenges, this is going to be a great test of my ability.
Or, in the case of bumping into an ex-lover who broke your heart you might say something like “I forgive her” or “I’m excited to catch up”. In these situations, you may not have embodied specific beliefs because you haven’t been stating these affirmations on a regular basis, but you can take a moment to frame the situation in the positive which effectively does the same thing, but just for the immediate term. Simply saying the words of a positive affirmation is not going to have any significant effect on your life. It’s a hard thing to describe, but you want to physiologically get your mind and body to truly believe in the statement that you’re saying.
For example, stating “I am super confident” while internally thinking “I sound like an idiot.

Instead, when stating “I am super confident” you want to stand like a confident person would stand.
When you think and feel it, you will behave differently, you will see different results and ultimately your core beliefs will naturally be shaped over time to the point you no longer even need those positive affirmations.
Simply click on the category of positive affirmations below and you will be taken directly to that section. It is probably the most fulfilling book I have ever read and explains so much about the mindset I am in and it explains my outlook on so much in my life. When used correctly, they can completely change your beliefs and ultimately change your life. I know that I want to become a good money manager, however, I need to change my belief that I’m bad at managing money. It’s simply science of the brain – we tend to gravitate towards the things that we are naturally good at or get a positive reward from. It may give you that little bit of extra confidence to overcome an immediate hurdle, however I’m here to help you make long-lasting change that you embody in your everyday life – eventually, without even thinking about it. I’ve recently been focused on implementing a solid morning routine and I’m seeing some amazing results in terms of overall wellbeing and productivity each day. But they are important and you want to make sure you are performing at your best during these times. The simple fact of being about to perform these activities will remind you to say your positive affirmations. If anyone needs a jump start to becoming more positive and may think they need a change in mindset similar to what Jess speaks of, this book is perfect.
To start this process of change, I would begin telling myself that “I am a fast learner on good money management”. Even at times when I’m feeling unprepared or extremely nervous, I would say these positive affirmations and they would help refocus my thoughts and therefore how I perform during the session.

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