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What motivated you – looking out for your future, wanting to make more money, hoping to make your parents proud, or something else? Whether you want to improve your life, make more money, or follow your passion, discover what motivates you.
Once you know what brings you inspiration, you can draw from this list to keep you going whenever you need a boost. After reflecting on the above questions, your mind will be more open to identifying what’s important to you. Walt Disney before he even became the Walt Disney that he is today was told that he lacked creativity. Whether you do business or bring your 4-year old toddler to sleep in his bedtime, it is a chance to fail – as a businessman, a parent, husband or manager.

So they exercise, eat the right food and get enough rest and sleep because they believe that a sound mind and body will help them become the best person that they can be regardless of their educational attainment or family background. They find ways to expand their business or to climb in the corporate ladder by equipping themselves with the needed knowledge, technical know-how and personal network.
In other words, they do not wait for things to happen, they make things happen by acting on their needs, wants and dreams. But, because his dream was bigger than his pride and insecurity, he continued to dream and persevered until his films skyrocketed in popularity and in sales. Whenever successful people submit reports to their boss, they make sure their report is comprehensive and is the best that they can ever give. Why do you think a very beautiful and popular actress who also has a 7-digit money in her bank account preferred to take her own life than spend her millions in this world.

Because you have a dream, everyday, you will do things that will take you closer to your dream and be successful.
These people will give them the inspiration and support they need in achieving their goals. Some work to earn money so they can buy a luxury car or cruise the Caribbean while others aim to be successful in their career so they can give a better education to their children, a better quality of food to their family or to help street children. Successful people have a good relationship with people and while they strive to do their best in everything, they have a sense of self-fulfillment in what they have accomplished in their careers, family and self.

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affirmations for success in college

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