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Share the Love ¦85147000Affirmations are a powerful tool for supporting change in our lives.
However, there are some cautions that should be pointed out when working with affirmations. If you are using affirmations and the affirmations you have chosen are totally out of touch with YOUR core beliefs, then you are just wasting your breath.
The second gotcha with affirmations is making sure that your affirmations are for the higher good for you and others. Finally, affirmations that do not fit with your general psyche or your “authentic” or higher self will usually not pan out. While these affirmations are great (as well as any you personally design), here are a few ideas to include affirmations in your life that is fun and helps create a great deal of “stickiness” to them.
Write your affirmation as a song or a special affirmation dance: The other day I was watching one of those reality talent shows.
Make your own affirmation audio or video: Put your acting skills or theatre voice in action. Create your own Inspirational Posters: There are amazing free and available tools to take a picture from the web and caption your affirmation on the picture. As you state your affirmation – spend 30-60 seconds feeling how success “feels” with your declaration. Beautiful and meaningful positive affirmations from Everyday Affirmations to inspire you every day.
Going by the theoretical meaning ‘Positive Affirmations’ is nothing but repeating positive phrases signifying a positive change or result that you want in your life. The impact of affirmations has shaped up both your perception and perspective, and in turn has molded your life to what it currently is.
Considering the gigantic role affirmations play in our lives, most personal development coaches emphasizes upon the importance to chant positive affirmations. When you imbibe upon a positive attitude and eliminate negative thoughts from your mind through the medium of chanting positive affirmations, then you are indirectly commanding your subconscious mind to tune into everything that corresponds with your choice of daily affirmations. All this sounds great, but how long will it take for my positive affirmation to start working? If at this point you’re thinking ‘but if I only take upon a habit that will help me reach my goal, then I don’t need the other two factors’. When you repeat positive affirmations, you are conditioning your mind to form a belief that it is possible.
Chanting daily affirmations is the first step to success whether it is wealth, health, self esteem or spirituality that you desire and want to manifest. If you are confused about what daily affirmations to start with, try the positive affirmations in the YouTube Video below. Affirmations are powerful positive words and statements that repeated over time, can change your perceptions and empower you to make more positive choices and decisions in your life. Our internal programming creates the thoughts that run over and over continually in our minds telling us who we are and what we deserve.
The only catch with positive affirmations for them to work is that you already have to open to the possibility of them being true. Use Positive Affirmations and Positive Thinking Techniques to Live the Life of your Dreams! Using positive affirmations, visualization and subliminal messages it is possible to achieve whatever you want.
Affirmations can be about anything you desire to bring into your life, such as financial wealth and abundance, inner peace, deep sleep, close and happy relationships, finding true love, losing weight, quitting smoking or creating a beautifully sculpted muscular body. Whatever your desires are, you can bring them closer to you through a positive focused mindset, and this you can create through affirmations. Every time you read or listen to positive affirmations they become more strongly embedded in your subconscious, so the more you remember to use them in your day, the better. You can read a written list of affirmations, listen to an MP3 of recorded affirmations or recite them over in your mind throughout the day from memory. Get Free Recipes and Love Notes!Sent every 2nd Sunday + Get my 20 Quick & Easy Raw Recipes ebook FREE! A technique that you can apply to make your affirmations more effective is to write down the same affirmation using different pronouns. When you say affirmations in the second and third person it’s as if someone else is talking to you or about you. Whenever you choose to change anything in your life, you’re choosing to move out of your present comfort zone.
Write down your affirmations and place them where you can refer to them often (you can even carry them around in your wallet). In addition, there are several programs that allow affirmations to flash on and off on your computer screen unobtrusively, helping to program these affirmations into your subconscious. If you feel any discomfort, self-doubt, fear, anger, and so on when saying your affirmations, you need to let go or release these negative feelings.
Your self-talk can either prevent you from getting what you want in life, or it can be a powerful catalyst for creating the life you’ve always wanted. Our outreach Home Visit service is there for those who are housebound, due to a physical or medical disability or those with children and the elderly. We offer friendly face to face meetings at a variety of easily accessible venues in and around London UK.

Used correctly, affirmations can help us shift a limited or diminishing belief into a powerfully energizing and empowering one. What I mean by this is that you must be able to firmly believe the thing you are affirming is achievable.
No matter what area of your life you are working in (love, money, career, peace), your affirmation can never take something away from you or someone else in order to realize the affirmation. Most teachers will tell you to design your affirmations using the key points above, but also to make sure your affirmations are short, easy to remember or write, and that the words are highly inspiring to you. If you are a drawer, draw your character, and if not, write your character’s name in big bold letters on a piece of paper and write a little story about your new hero.
One of the contestants was two brothers that were of American Indian descent and they made up this little ditty about a “Rain Dance”. I can so see myself doing the dishes singing my little millionaire song and doing my little millionaire dance. Write a small script that is loaded with your favorite affirmations and either record your affirmations for future listening or make a video. Making serious changes in your life is important, but nobody said it couldn’t be fun.
However in reality the concept of affirmations goes much deeper, most of our inner dialogues are nothing but affirmation; whether negative or positive. If you have tried to lose weight but haven’t succeeded in actually losing any, it is mainly because somehow you are convincing yourself that it is just not possible, that it will be a pain to give up on fattening food, that you find comfort in junk food and soda, and will not be able to cut out any of it. It is because your brain has affirmed that putting hand on a hot stove will cause harm, you have started to believe that you should not put your hand on a hot stove. Sure you must have experienced this too; suppose you decide to buy a particular car and suddenly you start seeing that car all around you.
True, but will you even START considering to think about the habit unless you truly believe that achieving your goal is possible? When you envision how you would feel and react on achieving that goal, you are strengthening this belief by attracting success.
When you repeat positive affirmations to yourself after you have just finished meditating, then the speed with which your subconscious mind absorbs the affirmation and converts it into beliefs is astonishing! We are programmed by what our parents say to us, what our teachers, friends, relatives and even acquaintances say to us.
If you listen to negative messages, over time these can lead to not only you making poor life choices but can support illness and negative situations in your life.  Likewise, positive messages bring health, healing, abundance and prosperity.
Our beliefs are a part of this and the negative programming and beliefs that we have block the pure, positive, creative and abundant source energy that naturally flows through us.
If you are saying something positive but your mind is telling you that that affirmation is not true, the affirmation will not work for you, at least right away.
If you are negating the words in your mind, it will take a lot of listening of the positive thoughts for them to convince your mind that they are true.
Once your block is cracked, the subconscious then is able to re-examine the core belief pattern.
While our logical conscious brain loves the game play of jokes and words, the very simple and impressionable subconscious brain, which is the real governor of our automatic habitual decisions and actions, does not get jokes, puns, sarcasm or negative messages.  It takes what it hears at face value. You can transform your life, heal yourself, create abundance and success in your life, travel the world and live your dreams. For whatever it is that you desire to happen in the future, state it as if it is happening right now. You use affirmations all the time, whether you’re doing so intentionally or unintentionally. If you come across an affirmation that you like but you would feel more comfortable changing a couple of words, go right ahead. Your internal critic is less apt to interject a negative comment if it thinks someone else is making these positive affirmations about you.
Once you’ve established clear, well-defined goals for yourself you can create specific affirmations to help keep you focused on your goals and to strengthen your belief in your ability to reach your goals. We should always strive to grow and expand our definition of ourselves and of what we are capable of. Positive affirmations are not something that you do once in a while, instead, you should expose your mind to the affirmations that you choose for yourself as often as possible. You can say them out loud to yourself every morning when you wake up and at night before going to bed, or you can set aside a few minutes each day to scribble them on a sheet of paper several times to help reinforce the message in your mind. Basically, several people stand around one person and they all begin saying positive affirmations directed toward that person.
Create a daily practice of using positive affirmations to help motivate, support, and inspire you to go after your dreams. Affirmations have been used for centuries, including within many religious rituals, and many self-help and spiritual teachers promote affirmations as a primary life transformation tool. For instance, if you start out affirming every night and day that you are a millionaire, yet you still fret over bills and insist on shopping at Wal-Mart instead of Target to save a few bucks, then your mindset of scarcity will negate your affirmation work.
Also, you cannot affirm for others, including affirming that you are going to be with a specific person in a relationship. Because your inner self is shaking its head “no”, while your ego self (outer self) is passionately repeating your affirmation.
Get kids involved as soon as possible in empowerment work like this to help reinforce their self-esteem, creativity, and individual power.

What you are doing is attaching your archetype persona into a story about your goals and future success with them. Use the affirmation practices you put into place as part of the growth process going on in your life.
Whatever command you give to your brain whether verbally or through experience, will lead to the formation of beliefs, on which your entire life will be based. Every self help book, program, or degree gives a very high degree of importance to positive affirmations for the simple reason- They Work.
This is because our subconscious mind picks up everything that is connected to our affirmations. The success factor of any affirmation depends upon three things- the correct choice of affirmation, the law of attraction, and the habit of doing what it takes to make that affirmation come true. And when you pick up a habit that you regularly undertake to reach your goal you are putting it into action. An idea that is presented over and over to us will gradually become part of our deep belief system and internal subconscious programming, whether it is true or not.
Affirmations help to clear these negative programs and blocks within us, allowing us to both consciously and subconsciously make empowering, healthful and life enhancing decisions. It is exciting, and sometimes even shocking and startling when this happens, and then new inner truths can be planted and allowed to grow. Do not use words such as don’t, can’t, won’t or not, as the brain does not pick up on them.
Pick 2 times that work for you, such as early in the morning and before going to sleep, to repeat your affirmations.
Creating new thought patterns will allow you to begin to change your underlying beliefs and the way that you think and feel about yourself, others, and your place in the world. Some people leave a CD with positive affirmations playing softly in the background while they sleep at night. As stated before, you have to add positive feelings and emotions to your affirmations, and if negative feelings are getting in the way, you need to be able to let go of them.
You can affirm for a loving relationship, or a respectful cooperation from others, but you cannot specify a person.
Remember, the affirmation process is a technique to help change or strengthen a belief or behavior. The car didn’t magically appear, it was there but the only difference is that now you have started to subconsciously focus on it.
The more we are exposed to positive thoughts and ideas, the more our basic underlying programming will be empowering and will assist us subconsciously to make the most empowering, healthful and beneficial choices. Your beliefs are not necessarily true, they are simply what you think (believe) to be true. Developing a positive mindset using positive thinking techniques is one of the most powerful life changing strategies there is.
In this way, you can improve your life dramatically through the use of daily positive affirmations. As you move forward and begin to see results you can progressively increase this number until you do feel comfortable affirming that you make over half a million dollars a year. You can try this technique if you can find several like-minded people to participate in this exercise with you. Being this specific in your affirmations may totally limit the potential you hope to gain in your affirmation, plus you really do not have any say in what someone else wants or doesn’t want in their life.
Making sure that you are using affirmations that are extremely relevant in your life is the best way to make this practice a powerful one. If one aspect of your affirmation practice is not working, or if the affirmation itself is getting flat, then change them!
Surrounding yourself with positive words will make you stronger and change your perceptions of yourself and the world around you.
Another example is affirming you want to be a famous chef (because the cooking shows make professional cooking look like such a fun job), but never really having any motivation or experience in cooking before now. Later that night, I found myself singing the lyrics, “Do the rain dance, yeah, do the rain dance.” It made me smile and gave me the idea to attach an affirmation to my own special song, or with my unique style of dance. By sharing on the web, in your social media streams or on your blog, you are confirming in your conscious mind your commitment to your affirmation. Positive messages, or affirmations, will enhance your life and enable you to subconsciously make the wisest, most healthful, prosperous and positive choices. There are many free tools on the internet to record your voice for playback or to create a MP3 file and also many video recording options, including YouTube. Once we accept an idea as true, our mind automatically sets out looking for evidence to support it. This evidence, which always leans in favor of the belief, helps to cement the belief into your subconscious.
Positive words, thoughts, ideas, messages will help create more positive, healthy and empowering beliefs.

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