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July 30, 2012 by Kelly Leave a Comment This Sponsored Post is an advertisement on behalf of  TEAM Martial Arts. TEAM Martial Arts After School Leadership Academy  will pick your child up from school every day and serve them a healthy snack. Our program is carefully planned and structured so that you can see step-by-step how your child will gain self-esteem, improve behavior, build confidence, strengthen focus, learn better manners, acquire leadership skills, and practice self-discipline. We welcome the opportunity to meet you and your family for an introductory tour of our facilities. Be conscious of your actions for they are the seeds from which your tomorrow blooms and blossoms.  This law states that every action has a direct result which is the same proportion to the action that created the result. It is essential that you keep your thoughts and language focused on what you do want rather than creating wasted, negative energy around circumstances that you don’t want. Bronx Leadership Academy was founded in 1993 by South Bronx educators, church leaders and parents who wanted a safe, small, community-minded high school with high academic standards. BLA’s strictly enforced dress code calls for a white collared shirt, black dress shoes, and black or navy blue pants or a knee-length skirt.
ILA certified teachers will oversee and assist your child on daily homework, providing a structured afterschool environment for building productive and effective work habits. Children will gather and listen to each other respectfully, taking turns while discussing topics concerning ethical or esthetic values. Ballet class for this age group provides an introduction to the basic traditional ballet class. Kids Puterbugs, provided by Royal Kids Technology Classes for Kids, is an interactive experience that teaches kids, in a fun and age-appropriate way, the full scope of technology skills in today’s digital world. Discovery Kids Puterbugs takes kids natural tech abilities to a new and impressive level essential for their future success. Music is in the air but it s sometimes difficult to understand the meaning of it with our simple ears. Ana Laura teaches Spanish to children through an interactive curriculum, with music, games, hands-on activities and much more. Topics: Living in space, suns and stars, space phenomena, planets and moons, atmosphere and beyond, super power sources. With twenty years of experience in drumming and djembe, Jerome  invites the children to the world of rhythm. We pick up from all public, private, and charter schools in Nacogdoches, as well as Central Heights. We highly recommend applying for a spot in our program before the start of the school year.
You will be able to find information around pregnancy, hypnobirthing, labour, transition to motherhood and newborn parenting.

We will look at different areas of your life, set goals and start to make some real positive change. BLA keeps those founding ideals in mind as it pushes students toward graduation and beyond in a close-knit setting designed to keep kids on track.
The school accepts about 150 students into 9th grade from roughly 2,000 who list BLA among their top three high school choices. This will help them develop their natural inquisitiveness and make sense of their everyday life experiences.
We will work to develop in the children self esteem and the courage of their convictions which, in turn, helps them to overcoming shyness, aggression, and attention-grabbing behaviors. Exploration of movement will develop gross motor skills such as balancing, stretching, skipping, galloping, hopping, and leaping.
Students will focus on reading and writing in French, as well as expanding vocabulary and learning about Francophone cultures through engaging projects. Young artists will learn new and exciting things about art and create masterpieces of their own. We will explore various situations and stories using our voice, body, props, and imagination. We are committed to providing a safe, supervised, fun, enriched environment for your child to thrive and excel. You will also find information about universal laws, if you weren't already aware, we all create our current reality by our thought processes.
Just click on the Life Coaching link at the top of the page to learn more about coaching with me.
The school isn’t perfect (about one in four kids don’t graduate), but serious-minded BLA students enjoy a level of attention and support rare in many Bronx schools. Baseball caps are confiscated, and the principal keeps a large collection of contraband caps in his office. As part of BLA’s Educational Option program, half of its students are chosen by the school, based on factors such as middle school attendance (more than 10 or 15 absences or tardies “raises a red flag for us,” Yip said) and whether students have attended a tour. Blue or black shoes NO SNEAKERSWomen: White Button down shirts, Navy Blue or Black Slacks, Navy blue or black skirts, Blue or black shoes NO SNEAKERSFailure to abide by these rules, you will be sent home.
Class will be taught in French and English, Massene, a graduate of the University of Dakar, has been teaching Philosophy for children for the last 10 years and loves it. Students will learn the difference between turned out and parallel positions of the legs and feet- this is an essential requirement for understanding and executing proper ballet posture and the correct positions of the arms and feet. The program helps kids master skills that range from basic file navigation, Internet and keyboarding skills to an understanding of the latest in cutting-edge technology, such as mobile apps and cloud computing, as well as encompassing early literacy, problem solving and thinking skills. Originally from the Lorraine region, Patricia taught for 14 years in France in Preschool, Elementary and Middle School.

In class, children will be encouraged to interact in French while participating in various activities including: stories, creative projects, songs and educational games.
We will start with basics acting skills exercises followed by improvisations designed to develop language structure and vocabulary. Travel to the farthest corner of the universe and walk around on undiscovered planets without the hassle of putting on a space suit! We have a video monitoring system that parents can access remotely from their phone or computer. Twice a week your child will have music and foreign language classes, and once a week they will have gymnastics and professional tutoring. I have also included some positive affirmations which you can use to start changing your reality now. Spanish is the only foreign language offered, even though a high percentage of BLA students speak Spanish at home. This class will provide an opportunity to practice these positions as well as lay the foundation for a proper ballet barre and center. She has taught French as a Second Language for the last 7 years in Portland for both adults and children.
Our program includes: Martial Arts classes, Gymnastics, Foreign Language, Music, Professional Tutoring and more! The other half of the incoming class is chosen by the Department of Education, which often gives priority to students who rank BLA as their No. Students will be introduced to ballet history, French terminology, and classical music in this class. Calculating this up, normally you would pay about $75 a week for after school care, $85 a month for taekwondo classes, $50 dollars for belt testing fees every 10 weeks, and anywhere from $35-55 (or more!) a week for music, gymnastic, tutoring, or foreign language.
Not all babies born under the same zodiac sign are going to be the same, but please have fun with them.
All of those activities can be combined in one through our after school program and would eliminate the need for you to rush your child around to the different activities during the week. Your child will be finished with everything when you pick them up at 6pm so you can take them home and enjoy quality time with them.

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