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You might be curious to learn about the classic story of the Scrum chicken and pig cartoon. Please visit my home page to learn more about the most current information when Implementing Scrum in the real world. I am amazed that the Human Resource Departments of many companies I consult with have not shut down this example; it is probably only a matter of time. I would consider the roles of both Product Owner and the ScrumMaster to be the Pigs on a team. Receive a free Scrum video and insider information to help you Focus and #deliver using Scrum. Learn more about professional services available from Michael Vizdos (the creator of this site) for speaking, training or consulting.
This is one of the most distasteful, divisive, and inaccurate stories in the world of software development.
We pretend Agile is about Trust, and then we promote Chickens and Pigs as the very first story assuring we are establishing a low trust relationship with management. May have permission to reprint the cartoon in a “Neighborhood Matters” article I am writing for a local organization? Sure, go ahead and please just retain the copyright and other attributions on the cartoon when you use it.

I agree that a person can’t be both a pig and a chicken simultaneously, but sometimes they can be a pig, and sometimes they can be a chicken, in the same work environment, for the same project. One of the real world things Scrum helps expose is the dysfunctions in current organizations. Let me know if I can add any information to your site as I have started many small businesses. This looks like some great information (and is very timely for a team I am currently working with today).
On February 4-5th I will be co-instructing with Sanjiv Augustine our new “Agile Project Leadership” training course in Manchester, UK.
This is a fast paced, practical focussed course that covers agile project management, leadership, and avoiding common agile project pitfalls.
This is still the best example I know of to explain the roles, and this is what our cartoon series reflects.
The product owner has his role during planning, but once a commitment to the goal is made, it’s up to the team to deliver. In most organizations, the only person putting the ability to feed their family on the line is the Product Owner or the Executive Sponsor of the project.
I am preparing this presentation to give SCRUM training to new joined emplyoees in my organization.

Sanjiv is the author of the excellent “Managing Agile Projects” book and fellow APLN board member. You must learn to face head-on your fears about competition, your abilities, and the abilities of your team or group. 2 days before the event you will receive another email with full details of how to connect.
I call this a Pigkin… and it is something you do not want to see in any organization!
Is this really something we want to continue to promote – that we feel the developers are the only ones with anything on the line in spending the companies money trying to deliver value to our customers.
Only then can you begin to win and to raise the quality of your team's work to a higher level. Just like the coach of that Super Bowl-winning team, you've got to visualize yourself winning.
Visualizing the win will help you to take the right actions to achieve the outcome you want.

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agile project management training in bangalore

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