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Alison is a free website that provides lot of online courses that you can take completely free. The entire course is organized in a serial manner so that you know where to start from and how to proceed.
Once you have completed the entire course, you need to take evaluation test, and hopefully, pass it.
The content itself is very good, sometimes at par with what you would expect from brick and mortar universities.
Alison requires you to score at least 80% to award you the certificate or diploma for that course. Alison lets you browse Diploma courses, or you can browse subjects to see courses under them, or Categories.

As I mentioned earlier, lessons proceed like ppt slideshows, with text, videos, animation, etc. So, anyone can validate authenticity of your certificate by going to Alison’s website and providing the unique number of your certificate. However, that is understandable as the course itself is completely free, and certificates are not that costly, but what I didn’t like is that it doesn’t tells you cost of the certificate when you decide to take the course.
That’s a fairly large number of learners, and shows how useful people find this website for free online learning.
I personally feel that is a pretty high percentage, and something on the lines of 60-70% would have been better; but probably Alison has its reasons. At the end of successful completion of course, you are given an option to buy course certificate of completion, for which you have to pay.

More than 300,000 people have successfully completed free certificate courses and free diploma courses on Alison. The course content itself consists of text, sometimes videos, sometimes sound, and sometimes animation; depending on what works best. I also read a couple of reviews for courses in which users mentioned that there wasn’t even an option of downloadable PDF certificates for those courses, and instead the only option was to mail the higher priced certificates. I am sure I will sign up for couple of courses myself, and even get some of my employees enrolled into this.

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alison courses online uk

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