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Stratford Community Services offers programs for young people to help them learn new skills, begin to take leadership roles, participate in community activities together with adults and peers and challenge themselves to achieve their full potential. Adventure Challenge consists of both in-school and after-school groups that provide youth with structured, physically and mentally challenging experiences. During the 2012-13 school year, Adventure Challenge is offered after school for sixth grade students at Stratford Academy. HYPE  offers a broader, bolder version to prevention and wellness promotion by providing Stratford young people with opportunities to create positive social programming to encourage healthy lifestyle choices and behavior. Interested students can contact their School-to-Career Coordinator to determine their eligibility for the 2012-13 school year.
Nintendo has released a new trailer for the upcoming 3DS games Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby, the HD remakes of Ruby and Sapphire. The video then displays, "Pikachu likes to cosplay?!" followed by a montage of Pikachus dressed in all sorts of costumes. In June, Nintendo announced that the games will have another type of evolution, called Primal Reversion. Like with all Pokemon games, Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire have multiple gyms spread across the region.
The second gym is located in the island of Dewford Town in the south-west of the region and is a Fighting-type Gym. The fourth gym is located in the mountainside town of Lavaridge Town and is a Fire-type Gym.
President Barack Obama (C) meets with Presidents Mahamadou Issoufou (L) of Niger, Boni Yayi (2nd L) of Benin, Alpha Conde of Guinea (2nr R) and Alassane Ouattara of Ivory Coast in the Cabinet Room of the White House July 29, 2011 in Washington, DC.

These programs build developmental assets that all young people need to grow up healthy, competent and caring. HYPE kids are involved in a variety of community service projects, creating awareness and youth activities throughout school years and summers around specific topics that are made by YOUth, for YOUth. The short video gives a good glimpse at what you can expect from gyms and Secret Bases, and it reveals a new Mega Evolution.
It looks like the gyms have been rendered faithfully, and of course they've been remade in the new 3D perspective that developer Game Freak is bringing to the games.
A short clip of a dressed-up Pikachu in a competition is captioned by "Is this some kind of contest hall?" This is a new kind of the iconic Pokemon, called Cosplay Pikachu, which can be encountered in the world.
In the original Ruby and Sapphire, Secret Bases were customizable rooms available for trainers to display trophies and items. It doesn't have much of a puzzle but rather the gym is set out like a museum and you can use various paths to bypass trainers.
This gym is set up like a physical fitness gym and has you have to press a switch to illuminate a path. The puzzle is a simple one where you have to step on switches to change the direction of electrical fences in order to create passage through the gym. The puzzle of the gym is like the original and has you have to navigate two separate floors to reach the Gym Leader. Its leader, Norman, who happens to be your character's father, will use Pokemon such as Slaking against you. The Gym has you traversing through the path, walking through several turnstyles in order to gain access.

The Gym has you traversing through a maze which has paths open by stepping on switches, battling trainers as you go. Obama is meeting with the leaders of the nascent democracies to discuss economic and regional issues.
New animations, including falling through the trap doors at the Lavaridge gym, are also displayed.
They are being remade in 3D with more customization options, including the ability to make traps and mazes. Defeat Flannery and you will receive the Heat Badge, which lets you use Strength outside of battle, and TM50, Overheat. The Gym has you selecting multiple rooms, each with a different style of battle for you to undertake such as Speed or Accuracy. At the end, you will meet Liza & Tate, who are the leaders and challenge you in a Double Battle. Defeat Roxanne to earn the Stone Badge, which lets you use Cut outside of battle, and TM39, Rock Tomb.

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