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However, several of our blog readers have told us they can’t find the past winning lotto numbers on our PCHLotto “Daily Drawings” page… and we’re here to help! I can also check if my numbers are winners for past plays, all at once, when I click on the “View All Drawings” tab. So, there you have it!  That’s how to find out if your numbers are winners on PCH Lotto.  But you can’t have winning numbers unless you play — so play PCHlotto today — and check back tomorrow to see if you’re a winner. A Tennessee couple who claims to have one of the three winning Powerball tickets have not yet gone to state lottery officials, instead they went on the Today show. Townsend, the lawyer, thought it best to go to a national media outlet first, rather than Tennessee lottery officials, so they could control the story. That's the message California resident Steven Tran left for his manager after discovering he had won half of a $648 million jackpot in early 2014. Julie Leach, a 50-year-old Michigan woman who won a $310.5 million Powerball jackpot in September 2015, felt the same way. But according to two different studies from Gallup and CareerBuilder, at least half of all Americans would make a different decisionA if they won the lottery. About two-thirds of those whoA would remain in the workforce say they would want to stay at the same job.
Just more than half (51%) of all respondents said they would a€” while the other half (48%) would quit or retire.
If you happen to be the lucky winner of this Saturday's jackpot drawing a€” which has reached a record-breaking $700 million, and is expected to continue growing a€” would you continue working or quit your job on the spot? Fixing my house from the basement up to be the Victorian era home it is capable of being (including buying the lots on both sides for more yard and garden space). Creating a village of cabins for formerly chronically homeless men and women that is a truly great place to live.
Creating a mental health wellness center that is a truly great place to get services, and has options for *everyone* regardless of ability to pay.
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At best, only a handful of people will do so, and almost certainly, the vast mega prize (800 million at last count) will be split, but it’s a mind boggling idea, and there is a chance, no matter how slim, that anyone with 2 dollars to buy a ticket could win. That’s right, LIKE the RealBucks Fan Page on Facebook to get daily reminders within your newsfeed to use both apps to claim your RealBucks every day. If so, then you’ll also unlock Danielle’s Token Surprise and score a big deposit into your token bank. We’re always trying to make it easy for our gamers to have the best online experience possible!  And, don’t forget to tell your friends to play PCHLotto, too! You’ll find lots of fun activities to keep you engaged as you start earning fantastic rewards.

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am i going to win the lottery today facebook

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