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Kensington Tours hosted a reception for select agents at the Belgo Brasserie in Calgary last night, wrapping up a series of seminars in Western Canada.
Asking the right questions plays a critical role in meeting business objectives and preserving working relationships. When to use: Open questions can be used during interviewing, delegating, project follow-up, monitoring progress on tasks and performance, giving and receiving feedback, coaching, getting employees to assess their achievements and performance, brainstorming, getting new ideas, working collaboratively, listening, clarifying your understanding or theirs, employee development, projects, assessing milestones, project debriefs, and planning for future projects. How to formulate: Typically, closed questions start with directive words such as Where, When, Who, Will, Would, Did, Do, Could, Can, Should, Are, Were, and sometimes the word What. When to use: Most often behavioral questions are used in interviewing to discover what applicants have accomplished in the past and the way they did it. Benefits to manager: Allows manager to zero in on specific work scenarios and target how a person has dealt with them in the past.
Downside: Their use is limited primarily to interviewing, unless the manager creatively finds ways to use them in progress discussions, training, and coaching. Situational questions invite a person to think about how they would handle a situation that might arise in the future.
When to use: Use situational questions during interviewing, delegating, feedback, coaching, training, role-playing, rehearsing, or preparing for tough situations that might occur. How to formulate: The questioner provides a specific scenario, as opposed to behavioral questions, which request the person answering the question to provide the example. Determining the best questions to ask in order to solve work-related problems and make decisions will be your call, based on your situation.
Asking well-framed questions advances your direct reports’ competency and confidence, thus preventing people problems while increasing cooperation. Trying to reach goals that are constantly changing can be extremely stressful for both yourself and your team. The American Motorcyclist Association has announced its 2015 AMA Motorcyclist of the Year: AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Legend Wayne Rainey.
The AMA Motorcyclist of the Year award recognizes the person or persons who had the most profound impact within the motorcycling community in the previous 12 months. In 2015, MotoAmerica operated the first season of its professional road racing series, sanctioned by the AMA and FIM North America. Agents booking training sessions this spring AmaWaterways will receive a visit from the Easter Bunny or the March Hare who will arrive laden with hot cross buns, Easter eggs and other chocolate goodies as well as the latest brochures and offers. The sales team is touring the country throughout March on an Easter Roadshow and will visit new and existing agents who request a visit. The AmaWaterways trade sales team consisting of sales executive Amanda Elgie, and business development manager Simon McDermott.
Brooke Daniels continued, “We can provide full product training, refresher training and bring marketing and point of sale materials to agents who would like to look at ways of increasing their river cruise sales”.

A-Rosa is offering a range of short-break cruises through the tour operator Superbreak for the first time. Animal health and nutrition company Alltech has appointed Eric Hibbard as the new regional sales manager for Alltech New Mexico.
Hibbard joined Alltech in 2011 as the territory sales representative for Arizona and Southern California. Hibbard will be based at Alltech’s Clovis office, which serves New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma and Louisiana.Founded in 1980 by Dr. Managers can effectively use questions in a wide variety of situations: interviewing, delegating, giving feedback, coaching, problem solving, decision making, and developing employees.
It provides a chance for the person answering the question to assess and state what he thinks is important, express his opinions, expand upon facts, suggest alternatives, and apply his knowledge in varied ways. Because employees’ ideas are considered and ownership is invited, they may bring a higher degree of motivation to the task or project. They help employees develop competencies and confidence, which in turn leads to better work production. Non-question statements that serve the purpose of an open question start with “Tell me about .
The purpose is to elicit facts, to open a conversation, or to serve as a bridge to move the conversation along. They can also direct someone to agree or disagree, and the manager may miss an opportunity to learn about the person’s true thinking.
You can use situational questions to do a practical run-through of potential problems and opportunities.
It asks how a person thinks they would handle it in the future, not how they’ve done it in the past. What’s important is to collect an array of questions and become an expert using them at appropriate times.
The more adept a manager is at using questions in management processes, the more each direct report will be working to his or her potential and contributing to team development. Adapted by permission of the publisher from The Communication Problem Solver: Simple Tools and Techniques for Busy Managers, by Nannette Rundle Carroll.
For over 20 years, her powerful management seminars have helped participants use process skills to solve people problems.
Katy Tynan, a speaker and author of practical guides to career transitions, offers key advice for managers to lead with confidence.
President of CBIZ Human Capital Services & EFL Associates Jay Meschke outlines the key benefits of companies investing in experienced coaches for new hires. Treating your team with respect and openly communicating with them will allow you to build a solid reputation.

Rainey, three-time world champion, two-time AMA Superbike champion and now president of MotoAmerica, leads a team that has revitalized professional road racing in the United States. That’s when a deal was struck between and among MotoAmerica, Daytona Motorsports Group and the AMA that enabled MotoAmerica to take over commercial and promotional responsibility for professional road racing in America and restored the AMA as the sanctioning body for professional road racing.
The MotoAmerica series, the new home of the AMA Superbike Championship, built a strong platform and set professional road racing in America on a new path for success. He graduated from the University at Albany, State University of New York with a degree in journalism.
Jill was appointed as editor of Cruise Trade News in April 2015 and re-launched the publication. Its aim is to inform, educate and provide practical tips to help agents match their customers with their ideal cruise holiday. Your answers will help Vital and the MX industry better understand what consumers like you want. He specializes in calf management and heat stress and has completed courses from the Southern Great Plains Dairy Consortium in Clovis, N.M.
Open questions are useful for creative and collaborative problem solving and decision making. They are also used to discover employees’ feelings, knowledge levels, skill needs, and views, and so help you to connect with, understand, and build a relationship with them.
They are used when you don’t need background information, detail, opinion, or theory.
It is the observable manner in which a person acts or performs under specified circumstances. We are excited to meet with congressmen tomorrow to push for the issues that affect us all. She has travelled extensively as part of her career and has enjoyed a number of cruises in Europe and beyond.
Graduating in 2009 with a bachelor’s degree in agriculture economics and business management, he next worked at the University of Arizona Dairy Extension Department. These experiences have whetted her appetite to become increasingly more involved in the cruise industry. Wish I could have joined you.1 hour ago Comment on FacebookMotorcycle & Powersports News 1 day ago AMA Pro Flat TrackFlat track is back! So if our agents on the floor or a customer say there is a something they want to see, we have a technology group that can adjust that system very quickly and adapt to the market need,” said Sproul.

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