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If any of the above questions sound familiar, then this class may be for you!  We offer Anger Management Classes in Denver on a routine basis.
Our 6-week format allows you to share your experiences in each two-hour class and leave with practical skills you can use in everyday interactions.  Between classes you can reflect on the skills you’ve learned, practice using them in your daily interactions, and bring back your experience to consult with our highly trained instructors. Youth are faced with more choices and challenges than ever before and at much younger ages.
Designed for youth ages 11-18, Emotional Intelligence & Critical Decision Making (EICDM) is a skills-based curriculum specifically tailored to address concerns and difficulties youth are experiencing around making healthy decisions for themselves as well as how to recognize their emotions, especially anger, and manage them in non-violent ways. This 8 week class covers such topics as: the decision making process, recognizing and weighing consequences, communication skills, types of power, conflict management, handling authority, the positive and negative consequences of anger, personal anger history, fair fighting, triggers and cool-downs, problem solving, and much more. The Conflict Center understands, that throughout a child’s development, parents play a critical role in the development of social and emotional skills.
These classes are not designed for teens who have been convicted of multiple offenses or who have an extensive history of physical violence.

Certificate of Completion and Letter Of Completion will be awarded on the last day of class upon fulfillment of  all sessions mandated by participant’s court order.   The Certificate of Completion detailing Anger Management Group Classes curriculum and the amount of hours a client has attended addressed to courts, Judges, probation department, etc.
It often helps to face a challenge in a group setting and Anger Management Group Classes provide a positive atmosphere to learn how to deal with anger and stress. Anger Solutions Atlanta is an Anderson and Anderson™ Of Brentwood, CA Certified Anger Management Provider.
Call (404)437-9977 to register for any of our Atlanta Georgia Anger Management Group Classes. Whether at home, in the workplace, or in general life, don’t allow anger and conflict to detract from the quality of your life. These classes are not designed for adults that have been convicted of multiple offenses or that have an extensive history of physical violence. Many experience strong emotions like anger but have never learned to manage their emotions in healthy and productive ways.

In recognition of this, we have built a parent-involvement component into each of our youth programs. It also provides an opportunity to see that you are not the only one facing an Anger Management challenge.
Parents or guardians participate in half of the class sessions, which focus on family communication and skill-building.

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anger management classes in shippensburg pa

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