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We offer the best possible instruction in tactical, physical, psychological, emotional, and mental training to individuals and institutions, allowing them to deal with all forms of unarmed as well as armed conflict.
We strive at minimizing potential danger and harm to individuals, while maximizing their abilities to successfully protect themselves from any and all forms of confrontations.
Due to the ever changing aspects of human conflict, we strive at building and continuously enhancing our curriculum based on real-world experience and incorporating scientific principles (Namely police and military science, human physiology, emergency first aid, criminology, psychology, biomechanics, combat sciences,…), concepts, strategies, and tactics in our training. Not-for-Profit ConsultingWith over 10 years of operational experience with not-for-profit organizations, CCMS is able to provide overall consulting and assistance in areas of budgeting, board governance policies, financial accounting, donor systems, grant writing  and fund raising. Training Programs Created and Offered to Not-for-Profit Organizations providing services to the community. After thoroughly discussing your organization's funding needs (as well as your short term and long term academic improvement goals), our grant writing team will research upcoming funding opportunities that align with these needs and goals. Atlanta Anger Management is an Anger Management Education and Training Company offering the Anderson and Anderson™ Anger Management curriculum that is the most effective and widely recognized anger management curriculum in the world. Atlanta Anger Management serving - Kennesaw, Ga - Marietta, Ga - Smyrna, GA - Vinings, GA - Woodstock, GA You will learn tools to become more productive and enhance your private, work and public life. Empathy is the ability to reach across a desk, a counter, a bench and to understand where the other person is coming from. If we can change our focus away from an egocentric ‘I’ focus towards an external ‘you’ focus, we are well on our way towards improving our relationships both at work and at home. Often one meets someone for the first time, and a genuine liking and respect are there from the first meeting. Often managers are afraid that showing empathy towards their employees will be construed as a sign of weakness and then exploited by the staff. In our story we will be looking at a situation where staff were not arriving at work on time. Samuel was the managing director of a large company based in Rivonia in northern Johannesburg. I asked Samuel where this particular group of people lived and he told me quite frankly that he didn’t have a clue. He called me back the following day to tell me that the staff involved lived in Soweto and came to work by taxi. Having gained this empathy, does this also mean that Samuel must put up with poor performance?

While we have stressed the importance of empathy with our staff, there are some people who don’t want to open up to you. The best way to achieve a culture of empathy and understanding in a company is to create an atmosphere of trust. We will then develop a detailed report of grant competitions for which you are eligible and likely to be awarded. It focuses on introducing behavior strategies for identifying and managing anger, stress and conflict while enhancing emotional intelligence and assertive communication. The empathic approach would be to find out the reasons why and then to work towards a solution that is fair to all parties. He called me one day to ask for my assistance with a problem that his company was having at work. Soweto is a large town, situated on the south-western side of Johannesburg, and a long way away from Rivonia. To make significant eye contact, saying, ‘I’m here with you.’ We need to get outside of our own heads and into the head of the other person. Depending on the type of funding your organization needs, this 'Grant Research Opportunity' (GRO) report will typically include anywhere from 20 funding competitions to over 50 competitions. Feeling their feelings, and understanding where they’re coming from and where they’re trying to get to. Who they are, what their needs are right now and how you can best understand these in order to better manage the person. Then to get another taxi from there to Sandton City, and then to get another one from Sandton City to Rivonia.
As we said earlier, let’s start off by understanding the situation with empathy and then using creative solutions to overcome the problem and to prevent it from recurring.
We need to make time to sit with the individual, in an unhurried atmosphere, where the person will feel comfortable to share his or her feelings and frustrations with you.
It is all too easy to sit in a fancy office, with all the trappings and rewards that go with it, and to look down at one’s staff and wonder why they can’t understand the situation the way you do. We should seek only the information that is pertinent to job performance and to leave it at that point. Our staff need to know that what they share with us will be kept confidential and used only for their benefit.

We only put the most appropriate funding opportunities in the report which will reduce time and future research efforts as you prepare your annual grant development schedule with our staff. The North American Indians have a wonderful expression that sums up what empathy really is. Where one has rapport with someone, the results and compliance from them are often remarkable. In the first case we were able to develop rapport quickly and easily, and in the second case it was lacking. But, just as important, one has to give the other person the distinct feeling that they are being listened to. Take notes as required, which shows the other person that what they’re saying is important.
They are carrying different baggage from what you are, and must be accepted with that baggage and understood at that level.
Otherwise, instead of gaining rapport, we do the opposite, and those people become resentful and antagonistic. If there is a lack of trust between the manager and his or her staff, then there can’t be any significant sharing of the ideas and feelings that are required to gain empathy. But remember, before you can get into the shoes of the other person, you have to take yours off first. This also places you in our grant alert system so that when new grants come out, we will alert you and offer you consulting in making the decision whether to go for the grant or not -- free of charge. This is a proactive process that only begins with hearing and then goes into interpretation, integration and then feedback. We can achieve so much when we are on the employee’s wavelength that it make sense to find the time to do it.
The GRO report development process takes up to four weeks to complete, at which time we will e-mail you your GRO report and then meet with you to thoroughly review the report, prioritize the funding opportunities, and establish your grant schedule for the year. I asked him if he knew what was involved in getting from Soweto to Rivonia and of course he answered in the negative.

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