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Personal Power II is the very best professional and personal development system of all time. We all can change for a minute or a few days and weeks but most of the time it doesn’t last. Another thing I like about this program is that Tony isn’t just talking to you and tell you what you need to think. You want to create your own personal power I highly recommend you at least take a look at this program.
We live in a world of constant demand and challenge, where people’s responsibilities seem to be never ending and where change is constant. For the last 36 years, working with millions of people from 100 countries, Tony has been obsessed with finding the difference in the quality of people’s lives. In one program you will learn the secrets from this 36-year obsession, producing immediate results in the areas that matter most to you—whether it be your body, emotions, relationships, finances, career or business. In this program Tony Robbins teaches you how to recognize the things that maybe holding back in your life.

I really thought that I was going to be listening to motivational speaking.  Wow was I in for a shock. Most people really want to make their life better—they aren’t willing to settle, but they simply don’t know where to begin. The Ultimate Edge is the world’s #1 bestselling personal and professional achievement system of all time. You can learn, grow, expand and improve, while you’re doing things like driving in your car, going for a workout, or sitting at home on the computer. Ultimately, this will affect the level of excitement, joy, happiness, and fulfillment you have in your life.
You see I have seen Tony Robbins on television before but I didn’t really know who he was or what he was all about. But in this program I discovered that there are controlling forces in your life that are sending you down a path in life that will decide the outcome of your life in general. This isn’t just another audio program it is a life transforming tool that will help you develop yourself to the highest capacity that you want.

You will see exactly where you are at and what you really want your life to be like then shows you changes that are necessary to accomplish your goals.
Whether it’s their body, emotions, relationship, or finances, if you give yourself this gift and make an investment in yourself, the rewards will be everlasting. Why is it that some people have a life that even when they do succeed they are still overwhelmed, frustrated and angry?
Why is it that other people are able to find such fulfillment, excitement and passion in their lives? I thought that we were controlled by outside forces around us but Tony teaches you to see, control and change anything in your life by recognizing these behaviors and learning to change them.

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anthony robbins personal power ii journal pdf

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